I bought my first Goodnites

 A while ago i bought my first goodnites im so freakin excited and nervous..still i manage to hide it..now im wearing one!

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  1. you should wear one all the time. You can then piss when you like and no one can tell
    Its the naughtyness that makes me horny

  2. yeah i just bought mine today and having so much fun in them. your right the naughtyness does make you horny.

  3. I have always had to wear when I was able, but I have the house to myself for the week. SO I have been trying to wear all day. Yesterday I was vacuuming in nothing but a double diaper. "Wallgreens brand" I don’t know, its something to get used to wearing all day. I have another dl coming over tomorrow to help out… just start out wearing for a few hours to get used to the bulge, then a day, then out and about.

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