I am Judy’s Dirty Diaper (but only in my dream)

Only in my dreams, at least for now anyway, but that could change. More about that later. My wife Cora and I have cutesy little nick names for each other. Her favorite one to call me is ‘diaper boy’. She also has this quirky little thing about her, she gets fiendish little pleasure from watching other women humiliate me. Sometimes that pleasure even takes a sexual turn.
One day last week she had a birthday party for one of her woman friends. She had 7 or 8 female guests at the party. She invited me too. So all the women were sitting at the dining room table eating birthday cake. I was in one corner of the dining room, all diapered up and sitting in my adult high chair. I asked for some birthday cake too. Debbie, one of the guests, said: “No, he can’t have big people food. He must have baby food. So my wife took a big wad of cake, added a little milk to it, put it in the blender and pureed it into my ‘baby food’. All of the women had a good laugh off of me eating it and half gagging on it and getting it all over my little plastic bib. When it came time for me to be put down for my afternoon nappy, my wife excused herself and enticed me into my adult crib in the other room. She made me a ‘special’ bottle of warm formula. By special I mean she added to the formula a tea spoon of honey plus a pinch of some special herb that she had. She won’t tell me what the herb is called, but it acts on the nervous system by totally relaxing one’s sphincter muscles. Those by the way are the muscles that clamp the tube shut when one gets an ‘urge’ but needs to wait a while. So there I was, laying on my back in my crib and voraciously sucking on that nipple. When the bottle was about half gone, the herb started to work. I started to pee, a very strong stream because of no sphincter to hold it back. Debbie heard the commotion and got up from the table and came into the room where I was. She yelled: “Look at him wetting his diaper! He looks like he’s having so much fun. I want to try that. Do you have a spare diaper I can use? I really have to poop bad.” My wife told her that we were all out of diapers and Debbie would have to poop in mine. My wife told her to sit on my tummy, lift up the top of my diaper and shoot her load down inside the front of my diaper. Debbie refused, saying that she didn’t think that two of us could fit in my crib. At that point I became very drowsy and lost the battle trying to stay awake. I must have slept pretty good, because when I woke up I had a load in the back of my diaper. Was it my poop or was it Debbie’s? My wife told me that while I was sleeping Debbie did her dump in our bathroom. It took the women 8 or 10 flushes to get it all down. A ‘toilet plunger special’ as I would call it. Little did my wife know that by constantly talking about Debbie’s poop, she was planting seeds for the awesome dream I would have the following night. By about 5 that afternoon the birthday party was over, all the women left. I then discovered the herb had worn off. I had my sphincter muscles back. So then I ditched my diaper, cleaned myself up and then just my wife and I went to supper at a nice restaurant. When we got home we watched TV for a bit then we hit the sack. It was then that I had this awesome dream. I dreamed that Debbie did shoot her monstrous load down inside the front of my diaper. Linda then flipped me over and dropped her load down the back of my diaper. All the women at the party took their turns, filling the front as well as the back of my diaper. My diaper was so full I couldn’t lift myself up, I wasn’t strong enough and all that poop was just too heavy. I was totally helpless and at their mercy. I had to lay on my back bow-legged, there was just too much of all of the women’s warm slippery poop between my legs. Pure heaven! My wife said: “What about you Judy? It’s your turn now.” Judy said she couldn’t do it because she was constipated. My wife said: “Well that’s no excuse, you just sit on diaper boy’s face. He’ll do the rest. He knows how to relieve your constipation.” So Judy stepped out of her skirt and took her panties off. She was careful to drag her panties across my face so I got a good strong whiff of the brown skid marks in the back. Perhaps a preview of coming attractions? When she first sat down she rocked back a bit so that my eager tongue was actually in her vagina. She was in a hurry and rode my tongue vigorously, prompting a very fast orgasm! So beautiful, such a powerful orgasm followed by her hot slippery ‘girl juice’ smeared all over my face and running down the sides and even tickling my ears. I drank as much of it as I could. When she was done, she slipped forward and wrapped her big sexy buns completely around my head. She had me where she wanted me now, all the way into her butt crack and totally surrounded by her beautiful buns. As her hips swayed, her butt cheeks slapped the sides of my face. I stuck my tongue up her butt hole as far as I could. She let a couple cute dainty little farts, not at all like the trumpet blasts I usually let. We spent several minutes just pushing my tongue in and out and enjoying her cutesy little farts. All of a sudden I felt something rather solid pushing against my tongue. I reached around front and put my hands on her tummy. I was feeling the muscles work that she was using to push her giant load. I just totally enjoyed feeling of those muscles tightening and relaxing in tune with every little advance of her giant log. She was totally dominating me at that point. She yelled: “Open wide, here I come! It was out in an instant, followed by her trumpet blast of a fart! Now I finally had become her diaper. She gave me a small mirror so I could see how I looked. The firm lumpy part, which came out of her first, now filled my mouth. The soft mushy part that came out of her just before she let the big fart was sticking straight up from the firm part. I must say that when Judy poops that she doesn’t just poop, but rather she turns it into a work of art. That was such a beautiful sight, the soft part jiggling with my slightest head movement. She slapped the left side of my face, then the top part broke off, slid down the side of my face and landed on my pillow. She noticed how big by bone had become, so she flipped me over, landing my face in the middle of her soft slippery poop that was on my pillow. The firm lumpy part was still in my mouth of course. She then mounted me, sitting on my butt. She began riding up and down, pounding my balls with the other women’s poop that was in the back of my diaper. Meanwhile their poop in the front totally engulfed my manhood. As she bobbed up and down, she pushed my head up and down, totally covering my face with her warm soft slippery poop. I was in Heaven! I tried to enjoy it as long as I could, but eventually I went over the top. Tons of my hot slippery cum shot out, coating all that beautiful poop! When I woke up, my wife said: “You had a real wild night, didn’t you?” I tried to play dumb, but couldn’t once she told me about all the cum that I had shot in bed, all over her face and hair and all over the sheets and pillows. She told me what a naughty boy I had been to make such a big mess and that she needed to punish me. So I said; “Why not just spank me?” She said: “No you’re not getting off that easy. Give me some time, I’ll come up with something.” After I told her about my dream, all of the details, she said: “Well that does it. I’m calling all the girls and inviting them over for a re-enactment of your dream. Perfect! That will be your punishment. I will tell all of them to get 2 or 3 days constipated before they come. Then I can give them all a good laxative and watch all of them totally humiliate you. And oh by the way, I might ask them to bring some of their friends too, women that you probably haven’t met yet. Oh, I’m so looking forward to that, I can hardly wait. Party! Party! Party! Thank you so much for telling me about your dream.” I asked her when that would happen, but she replied that it would be her little secret. That was almost a week ago. I hope she does it pretty soon, because it’s so distracting that I can’t function normally. That’s all I can think about, I just want Judy to fill my mouth like she did in that beautiful dream ASAP! I want my whole body to become Judy’s Dirty Diaper.

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