I almost Made It, But…..

It must have been something that I had eaten because, for the last two days, I have not been game enough to wander too far away from the toilet. The urge to poop has been coming on very quickly and, in fact, I have had to change my underpants twice when I was not fast enough to drop them when racing to the loo. With the weekend coming up, there were some items that I needed to complete a project that I had started and I thought that I could risk going into our nearest provincial town which was a drive of 40 minutes each way. as the need to visit the toilet was now about 4 hours apart, I decided to make a quick trip into town – Big mistake.
After parking the car, I set off on foot to collect the items from different stores and was about two blocks away from the car when the first cramp hit me, and with my butt cheeks pinched together, I made a cautious return to the car park. My poop, on the other hand, had different ideas and was not going to wait before oozing out into my underpants. With my butt still firmly pinched together, I felt the first soft poo squeeze out like toothpaste from a tube. I thought that there might have been half an inch of poo in my pants which I could handle, but the closer I got to the car, the more that a small amount of poo filled my underpants. By now, there must have been an egg cup full getting smeared around my butt. On reaching the car, I put a plastic bag on the seat and sat down. The pressure was on to relieve the rest of the poop and I lifted my butt off the seat to extrude a bit more, but the gate was now open and poo flooded into my pants and everywhere else. I felt it creeping up my back and around my balls. I was definitely sitting in it.
The drive home was a new experience, especially when going round bends, when my butt would slide sideways in my full underpants, so that I had to keep on restoring my sitting position to drive safely. With all the poop seemingly out, I felt a lot more comfortable and even enjoyed the experience with the next thought of how I was going to clean up this huge mess.

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