I admit that I had messed my self

I enjoy having accidents in my pants in public. Recently i had been working in a town in a site near some public toilets. I had noticed the cleaners went in at about 2.30pm for about 20 mins and were some times male or female. I planed to be around on a Friday as it was a half day and was a good time to have my accident. I waited until they had put the ‘toilets being cleaned’ notice by the entrance, and went in, the woman there said sorry you will need to wait a few minutes. So i moaned a bit and went out, a few minutes later I went back in and asked to use the disabled toilet, again she told me wait, it was then that i told her that I had messed myself while waiting outside. She said she was sorry and let me use the disabled cubicle. I began to changeout of may pants, and she knocked the door saying that she had to open the toilets soon and was I OK. I told her that my pants needed throwing away and I was trying to clean my shorts. She passed me a plastic bag under the door and I put my pants in that, then passed my shorts to her. I also told her that I had run out of toilet paper. The she asked if I would unlock the door, and she passed me a toilet roll and asked if I wanted her to check I was clean. I opened the door wider and she had a damp towel and wiped my bottom and legs. She got my shorts, apologised again and i went on my way.

I wondered what she thought of my full on erection as I was putting my shorts on, and I wondered if she was turned on by the event. Bear in mind I was 20 at the time and she must have been in her mid to late 40’s.

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