i have been thinking for some time now about going to see a hypnotherpist, to make me loose control of my blader. i have been wet myself  and wearing diapers and plastic pants for about 20 years. and wet my bed move nights on purpose.but i am thinking more and more it would be good to not be in control.                     rve    

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  1. hoho!!! as far as i’m concerned, i think about finding a hypnotherapist just to stop being a pantypoop lover!!! yes because i’m very sad, not depressed "yet" but very sad because i know that i’ll probably never find my happiness in this world with a pantypooper girl partner! it’s so hard to find, and chances to find are very, very less… so if anybody knows what can i do….

  2. On average, 100cm water column of pressure is all it takes to accidentally leak. Drink a moderate amount, wear a belt tight or poke/push in your belly button. Feels like an authentic experiene

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