Hydration and Desperation

This morning I went on a hike with my team, and my friend who skis with me always has to pee a bunch of times on hikes. The first time she peed she was quite desperate, to te point of holding herself in front of everyone, she easily made it off the trail to pee. After we made to the top of the peak we had to wait for everyone to catch up and after about 10 minutes she mentioned having to pee again. She didn’t go for a while though, we were on the summit for about 15 more minutes and then began the decent. As we started running down the I turned around and caught her holding herself but she quickly let go when she saw me looking. We then hiked up to another ridge and ran down the other side. She told me that her desperation was getting bad and the running was making it worse. She was holding herself constantly and said that this might end in her peeing her pants. I was also in need if a pee at this point, so I commented on how there weren’t any bushes or trees around. She agreed and then I heard her swear and turned to see if she was okay, she was grabbing herself, but I didn’t see any leaks. She then spotted some trees and sprinted down into them to pee, but I decided to keep running since I wasn’t too desperate. We made it back and I still wasn’t very desperate so I refilled my water bottle and drank it all before heading to the car. On the way home we stopped at 7-11 and I bought an Arnold Palmer Arizona tea. I drank it all within about 30-45 minutes and then had a 10 minutes drive to get home. I got home and had about 20 minutes to get ready for work. By this time I was very desperate. I tried to get ready but had to pee too badly to be very productive. I have a video of me losing control that I will try to post. 

P.S. My other two videos didn’t post properly and I had to delete them off my phone so no one would see, so I don’t think they will work:( hopefully this on will though.

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