Humiliated by Cops

My day began with an appointment that I woke up late for, so I didn’t get a chance to release my morning load before leaving. So I spent a large part of my day trying to hold back against the pressure of two days of waste pushing against my rectum. My last stop of the day was Target, and as I walked in the door, I briefly considered using the bathrooms there, until I saw that they were closed until further notice. It was okay though, I felt like I could hold it until I got home.

I got in line with my basket of stuff and immediately a large cramp hit my gut. I tried to act normal while I was clenching my cheeks together in the back and holding my crotch through my shorts pocket to make sure I didn’t leak up front from my exertion in the battle going on behind. I payed for my items and booked it to my car. Sitting on the seat helped relieve a bit of the pressure, so I knew I should be okay till I made it home. Regardless, I wanted to get home fast, so I rushed, going faster than I probably should have been.

About 5 minutes from home, I saw the red and blue lights. I was getting pulled over for speeding. The officer approached and I rolled down my window.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked
“Speeding?” I replied sheepishly.
“That’s one reason”, he replied as I handed him my license and registration.

Officer, I am sorry, but I really need a bathroom soon, that’s why I was going so fast.” I figured I should let him know of my issue and maybe he would move faster or maybe even let me go. The officer walked back to the car and I was left fighting off another strong cramp.

As the officer walked back, I could tell there was an issue. “I need you to please step out of the car sir, your vehicle was reported as stolen”. My heart sank. I was becoming extremely desperate by this point and I didn’t know if I could hold it much longer.

“Please sir this is my car I swear, I really need to go to the bathroom.” I pleaded.
“Like I haven’t heard that excuse before.” The officer nonchalantly said back.

I got out of the car, clenching my cheeks and crotch as hard as I could. “I am going to detain you while we figure this out, please stand in front of the car and spread your legs out.” He began searching me and the touching of the inner thigh was not only forcing me to unclench a bit, but also was beginning to give me an erection. Bad timing. During this, another officer drove up with his lights on. The attractive young officer that stepped out of the other car couldn’t be more than 22, and I wondered how he was on the force so young. He was walking over when the first cop said

“Put your hands behind your back.” As he said this, the worst cramp yet hit me. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was about to shit my pants in front of this cop, in handcuffs. As soon as the first cuff was on, the massive turd began pushing its way out. It pushed against my underwear and folded, slowing its exit as it encountered the pressure of my tight boxer briefs. Then after the hard tip pushed past my hole, the rest exploded into my pants, softer than the tip but still firm enough to quickly form a large lump in my shorts.

“Come on man really?” exclaimed the first cop as he put the second cuff on.

“I told you I couldn’t hold it sir” I tried explaining as the last of my massive load squeezed its way into my pants, triggering the urine to start shooting out of my now hard dick like a fire hose. The cop who cuffed me looked very annoyed, while the other young officer laughed hysterically, the pee pooling around my feet the whole time. The other officer was quite immature and was clearly getting some amusement out of my predicament.
Then the smell hit me, and hard. It was extremely obvious that it was poop and it began clouding the area heavily, causing the first cop to pinch his nose shut to avoid inhaling my stink. The younger officer continued laughing but did not take any measures to protect his nose from the pungent smell of two days of shit in my pants.

I stood there for about two minutes with the younger officer holding me to ensure I didn’t go anywhere, still not seeming to be bothered by my foul stench. I felt extremely embarrassed in front of the hot young cop and it was definitely turning me on.

Finally the first officer came back and walked me to his car, which now had a plastic covering over one seat. He must’ve set it up so I didn’t leak anything in his car.

“Get in” he said
I replied “Are you not gonna let me empty my underwear at least?”
“You decided to shit yourself, now you have to sit in it”

Brutal. It was happening one way or another. I reluctantly leaned in the car and sat. The load immediately spread in every direction, forcing its way up my crack in the back, and around my taint and balls in the front. I could feel the soft part of the load encompassing my balls and the base of my dick, which was throbbing for relief at this point. The warmth continued spreading around my balls the base and shaft of my cock. I could no longer hold back. As I finally settled down into the plastic covered car seat, I came hard into my cargo shorts. It was so forceful that it shot through the material of my shorts and onto my other leg, spewing like a fountain for almost 30 seconds. All the while, the young cop was watching me intently through the window. I hadn’t realized it until the waves of cum finally subsided. I was unbelievably embarrassed. It didnt take long for my softening dick to become hard again, thinking of the fact that this hot young cop just watched me cum full force into my shitty and pissy shorts.


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  1. This is a great story, and concept! It’s so hot, it makes hope it’s real, or at least embellished from true events! In all seriousness, great stuff, and I’m also looking forward to the rest.

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