Huge panty poop loads

I have seen a load of guys pooping huge loads of poo in there pants like untill it saggs how do they poo so much is it buttpluged. Holding there load whAt are they eating to produce a load like that

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  1. This querstion was very popular when we had teh damn forums, and you could have4 seen MANY answers. Howvere, now that we DON’T have the forum, I’ll try to remember what I read there:

    1. Several people said they loaded up on fiber, eating soluble and insoluble fiber foods like veggies, oats, salads, stuff like that.

    2. Several people recommended psyllium husk (powder or capsules) which is another fiber source.

    3. Some people used Metameucil and Fiber Con

    4. Some people said they held their shit for days, allowing it to build up in their rectum until they had to release it.

    5. Some people said to eat a lot of rice, beans, bread and bananas

    believe it or not, you can Google: “How do I get big poop?” and a bunch of wellness sites will come up dealing with that topic. Apparently, this is a matter of some concern to people even without shit fetishes! fascinating reads too!

    I hope this helps!

    I don’t recall anything more than that from the forum.

  2. Once I started doing it on purpose I realized holding it in for days made the loads really firm and really big. Holding it in also meant the massive firm loads eventually forced its self into my underwear so it was like I did it accidently even though I had intentionally held it in. That was often in very public situation, like in class at school or somewhere where a huge big load wasn’t going to go unnoticed.

  3. The more you eat, the more you shit. Tonight I was on another website watching high rez vids of guys eating shit directly from a man’s ass hole, and shit fucking. Well I got out my dildo (nicely ribbed so it collects shit) and the double ended one. I fucked myself for several minutes with it stuck to the wall. Then I got on my knees and started sucking my shit off of it. It tasted so good I kept sucking til it was clean. then I fucked the double and while I sucked it clean got the first one back up my ass. When I got that one good and shitty I sucked on it. Then I dropped a small loaf in my hand and spread it all over the first dildo. I loved getting my fresh load all over it and sucking my heavy load of shit off of it. Now I am loving the feeling knowing I have a whole bunch of shit in my belly. I wish I had a boyfriend to do this with.

    I have loved asses since my teens. I loved playing with them, men or women. I looved kissing them and then started kissing in the crack. Then I tried licking and found I loved it. B this tiome I was moving excl;usively toward me, and found that so9me were not very clean. The first time sort of turned me off, but I kept going and soon got to like the taste of a man’s ass, clean or dirty. I was masturbating with my shit by now, shitting and smearing it all over me. I was now in love with shit. A few years ago I sdtarted tasting my shit. I wouold bite off a tiony p;iece and chew it. Slowly, I started watch scat mopvies and started tasting bigger bits, always afraid of the health warnings.

    Tonight wasn'[t meant to be so9 hot, but it turned out that way. One of my favorite fantasies has always been t9o suck a lo9ad of shit off a man'[s cock. Tonight'[s dildo p;lay offered me that oppo9rtunity. I almost came when I got that shit covered dioldo in my mouth. The flavor of my shit ws sort of chocoolate because I at a lot over tghe last few days. It also had a sharp almoost awlkaline bite, but just enough t9o make me want more. I realized I had eatens my shit that tasted this way and it was safe. After I sucked the dioldo clean I got my turd in my mouth and chewed up the entire thing, swallowing most of it.

    Now I cannot wait t9o find a man to do this with. I want to know the taste of his bowel;s and the texture of his shit in my mouth. I want top feel; his shit eave his asshoole and enter my mouth. I want to suck his hot shit from his asshole and b e his toilet . I want to chew u his shit and have him feed me his p;iss to wash it down. I want to be a man’s toilet. Sorry about the typos but my hands are still shaky.

  4. I have been controlling my bowel movements since middle school. I went in my pants both #1 and #2 in class and at home. ALL ON PURPOSE! It’s fun and those big ones are really extra fun making large hang down bulges and after a sit down my pants are ruined. Never to get all the brown stains out.

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