Huge Load

Well I had bought an outfit online and received it two days after. It was a sexy polo top with some stretchy skin tight pants. I tried everything on and got all dolled up. After flirting online with some guys I ordered pizza and had some drinks. About 1 hour I had to go really bad but felt so drunk and lazy I was just like ehh probably a fart so I turned in my chair and pushed, it wasn’t a fart as you guessed it, but instead a creamy yet firm loaded began filling my new pants. I just couldn’t stop and since I was wearing a thong my load was enjoying the liberty filling the entire back of my pants up. At this rate I couldn’t sit down so I stumbled my way to the bathroom, tied my hair back and looked at the load. It was so big and smelly but being drunk and naughty I felt it up then squashed it more with my hand. It was so worth it.

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