Huge Diaper Mess!

Hiya! Someone suggested I write this up as a story, so here you are!

Over the weekend I decided to have some stinky fun, and dosed up on laxatives at about 11 AM in the morning. My boyfriend is travelling for work right now, so it was just me in the house. I took two doses, and had a huge English breakfast as well, and some bits of foods that I know will trigger my IBS (lots of beans!). I then took an Abena M4 and cut a cross shaped slit in it, then put both that and another unmodified M4 over my tush, then some plastic panties. I looked quite quirky, I assure you! I tried to put leggings on over the top, but I was way too padded for them to fit properly, and I didn’t want to damage my gorgeous nebula leggings anyway. (does shit wash out of hydrogen? LOL)

After this, I potted about the house for a bit, doing chores, and then sat down to play some video games about two hours later. My stomach was really starting to grumble now, like a fucking whale mating call. It felt like lead was filling my gut, and I was really starting to sweat. In all honesty, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but at the same time, I loved it! The feeling of having a huge load brewing inside of you is so erotic and dirty 😉 One thing that really struck me about this particular one was the wind. God I was farting every other minute, and they fucking REEKED. Despite them bubbling through two diapers, I still stunk up the entire room, living up to my username!

About twenty minutes later, it hit me. Suddenly my bowels just shifted and they screamed “SHIT NOW!” I clenched as hard as I could, and despite the pressure building inside of me, I held it as best I could. It gurgled and moaned like that for five whole minutes when I gave it. I doubled down in my chair and all I could do was moan as this ENORMOUS soft log of shit wormed its way out of me for almost 10 seconds, bulging both diapers. I was in pure ecstasy as gas and poo just torrented out of me, in a orgasm inducing rumbling sound, it was heaven.

I sat afterwards for another ten minutes, when I was sure it was all out of me (sometimes laxative poops come in waves!) and took some dirty pictures and a video for my boyfriend (wouldn’t want him to miss out on all the fun!) and brought up some good old fashioned smut to fulfil an altogether different basic human need. Tee hee!

This has been my first story, (all true though, I promise!), please tell me if you enjoyed/masturbated to it! Love you all! 🙂

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  1. Nice! That sounds like you had plenty of fun, sounded like an epic load too, hopefully you stayed and squashed that huge mess around in your diaper for quite some time! Was half expecting you to add that there was a second wave which hit you unexpectedly when you stood back up lol. Very nice story though, you and your fella must have plenty of filthy, hot fun!

  2. Interesting story.You went to a lot of trouble making your diapers and had fun.I think you could have had even more fun if you had chosen not to wear diapers.I love big soft poops every time,but I wear full cut cotton panties that fit quite snugly and can keep a bit poop inside them even when I walk or sit on the poop and make it spread all over my bum.I lean back when I am sitting so that all the soft poop gets pushed forward.The feeling as it slides over my pussy is fantastic and my orgasm is massive.My panties keep it all inside so I can squash it all over inside my panties and fully enjoy each poop.I normally wear slacks over my panties as they are loose and so cover up what I have done inside them for a while,at least long enough to walk through a mall and get to my car,and then it does not matter if it shows as I am going home to shower.If you choose your clothing carefully you can enjoy your own personal accident and get as messy as you want before showering.Your clothes will wash if you scrub them roughly in the shower and then spray with stain removed and was right away in your washer on heavy wash,even if they are all looking totally trashed.I think you will love it.

  3. Great story GK ?Your IBS poops sound so similar to my ex’s. So glad you’ve found such a naughty way to enjoy them as well as share them!

    Great advice from Debbie too btw! Love the panties idea and choosing what we wear!

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