Huge after work beauty

So I was at work the other day when I started to feel a poo coming on. This was half an hour before work ended so I knew I’d make it home where I prefer to poo. Shift end, and the farts start coming. I waited until I was in the car and let my pre poo farts out. Just by the amount of farts and how long and loud they were, I knew the coming poo would be a winner.

I get home and do my usual “poo head” test, which is stick my finger up my ass to feel the poo and judge consistency. Hard and smooth: always a good sign. I pull down my pants and sit, but I don’t sit for long. The poo was very thick, long and held together flawlessly. There was no way I wasn’t going to let this one go without watching it in the mirror. I stood up, and slowly pushed and the poo poked out longer and longer. Finally, at a foot from my ass, I stopped pushing. I decided to walk around my apartment naked with a poo poking out a foot from my ass.

After five minutes, I made for the mirror again and jerked off looking at my poo. After the biggest cum of my life, I let my poo go. Pushed out another half foot before finally breaking off. Two more small pices and a fart later, and I was done.

I’ve pooped more before, but this was more recent. Hope you all enjoyed!

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  1. nice… have you ever shit on the toilet lid and then started to masturbate to it ??? id cum really fast to it wow, Id sometimes rub my balls on it while stroking and shoot my cum all over.
    my girlfriend shits and pisses on the toilet lid then I go and rub on it while I masturbate .. mmmm
    sometimes we shit on the floor in a pile then masturbate over it . mmm

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