howhat made me start pooping myself

i always thought i was a weirdo
i thought i must have been the only person who enjoyed havin poop in there pantys and wetting themselfs…

wen i was very young i used to dream about pooping and peeing myself everytime i needed the bathroom i just wished i could do it in my pants i just wanted to feel it i dnt have much memory of how it felt wen i was a baby…

as i got a little older around 13 or 14 wen i used to have time at home alone i though yes finally i have a chance to do it… so one day my perants had left they wer going out all day (about 8 or 9 hours) plenty of time to do it and get cleaned up

so i layed a couple of towels down on the floor in my bathroom squating in just my pantys i started to pee a little …..WOW!!!  the feeling i got from just s dribble of pee entering my panties was amaiznig i then let the rest of my bladder go and gave a little squeez and a nice size solid poop came out well big enough for my first time anyway…
i sware that was my first orgasim with out even touchin myself i could feel my pussy throbbing adn geeting so wet not with pee but with pussy juice one i had got all my poop n pee into my panties a sat down on the towel rocking back n forth and that was it i lost control of my body and was such a powerful orgamsim i even squirted

and that was 8 years ago and to this day i still get the same feeling everytime i mess myself!!!

hope you like this explanation :)) xx

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  1. with me was almost the same thing, I had a dream that I was pooping and peeing in my briefs, on the same day I went in the bathroom and did in my briefs, was one of the best experiences I’ve had ^^

  2. I know the feeling too and I’m a male.
    I love to use panties all though I not gay at all.
    Just the feeling of those panties expanding is very fine.
    I love to do it outside when I have chores. Then I can enjoy the bump for hours.
    Happy pooping.

  3. Hi Tara , yes the feeling is mutual, when i first had a hard log comr into my panties i guided it tomy clit OMG soon as it touched i had a exploding orgasm and peed at the same time and eversince that day it happens all the time esp the rocking movement hugs mel cute story luv it .
    hugs mel UK Bi girl

  4. I love this story. It instantly made me hard as a rock;)

  5. Thanks for sharing. I had very similar feelings when I was young and my curiousity got to me when I was 13. Been enjoying pooping my pants ever since.

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  7. As you can tell, you were never really alone. It has increased as a popular thing to do among a LOT of others, and the group is still growing!

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