How This All Began

This is pretty much going cover any possible questions anyone has about my history of wetting so here goes: As a kid I really didn’t have a great life. My parents were verbally abusive to me and my older brother was physically abusive. I was potty trained at around 2 1/2 years old, but still had accidents pretty much on a daily basis. I have mild autism (Aspergers) and as you can imagine, it caused me to daydream really badly to the point where I would just wet in not even notice I had to go in the first place. My punishment for wetting was always a spanking and then diaper punishment. If the diaper stayed dry the rest of the day then I could go back to my normal underwear the next day and if they were wet then it was another day in diapers. About the time when I was 6, I would get a different type of punishment for wetting my pants. Instead of diapers, I was forced to wear the wet pants for the rest of the day until they dried on their own. I honestly didn’t mind that because all my friends already knew I wet my pants all the time and they weren’t too mean about it. Diapers on the other hand were embarrassing. Now here’s where the bad part comes into play. My older brother loved to get me in trouble for wetting my pants. Most of the time he would just get in my way and not let me use the bathroom and after I wet myself he snitched on me and I got in trouble. Well, my brother discovered a new method to get me to wet. He would hold me down and tickle me and if that didn’t work he punched me in the bladder area and that worked like a charm everytime. Now lets fast forward a bit to when I was 12 because the time in between is boring and not much wetting to talk about. I had 2 bad things happen to me during this time. First off I was hit by a car while skating which broke my arm and leg and gave me a concussion. Second of all, we used to play this game in PE class that’s like dodgeball, but you are allowed to kick the ball. Well, I had this guy kick the ball at me at point blank range and it nailed me right in the nuts and dropped me like a sack of bricks. I cried like a bitch, but I didn’t care because it hurt like hell and the pain just wouldn’t go away. Eventually I was able to stand up again, but was in pain all day and to make matters worse, it not only hurt to pee, but also hurt to hold it. For a whole week I had small accidents everyday, but it was easy to hide because they were small. After the pain went away, I just didn’t seem to care anymore. Now for the most embarrassing moment of my life. It was almost the end of 6th grade and my school was giving out awards and I got an athletic award. It was one of the first awards given out and I had to wait on stage until the rest of the awards were given out. All would have been well, but I drank a ton of soda at lunchtime and I had to pee really bad. Finally they stopped giving out the awards to students, but then much to my horror they started with the faculty. I was dying and eventually the inevitable happened and the flood gates opened and I wet my pants in front of my whole school. To add insult to injury, I tried to run off stage while I was wetting and I was wetting so hard that I slipped on my pee running down my legs while I was running down the stairs and fell right on my face. There was no sound other than pure laughter. I ran home from school. What’s funny is when I left the school I was crying, but as I got a block away from my home, I was sorta laughing at the idea of how stupid I looked falling down. Anyways, I cleaned up and changed my clothes and went back to school to get my stuff I left there. Of course I was laughed at and earned 2 new nicknames that I still get called to this day. “Sweet pee” and “Mr. Peebody”. Now on to when I was 14 and it was winter break at school. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was sleeping over at my house for pretty much the entire vacation. Anyways, one night I am dead tired and she wakes me up telling me I needed to get outta bed. I wasn’t paying attention until she told me that I had wet the bed. That instantly woke me up because I haven’t wet the bed since I was 7 and my brother did that stupid hand in warm water prank. As you can imagine I was really upset because she was in bed with me when I did it. I cried a bit, but not too bad. I figured this was just a freak accident, but it wasn’t. I continued to wet the bed everynight and started wetting my pants almost everyday. I managed to hide it from my parents for awhile, but they eventually found out and I was sent to a doctor. After a few doctor trips and a couple trips to the urologist, it was discovered I had a really nasty UTI and my bladder was badly damaged and needed fixing. So after surgery to fix the problems I was told that until my muscles gain their strength back again, I would be totally bladder incontinent. I was given the choice to wear a diaper or catheter. I chose diapers because I was already wearing them for my bedwetting and was used to them. I didn’t think much about it because I figured my incontinence would be a temporary thing, but it wasn’t. All my friends knew about it and even others who weren’t my friends. Most all of my friends ditched me because they thought I was a freak. I contemplated suicide a lot and even attempted it once. Then one day my girlfriend and I were at a support site for wetting and we were redirected to another chatroom, but what I didn’t know was it was a site for infantilists. Eventually I discovered the site’s true intention and I got freaked out a bit at first. It’s not an everyday thing for a 14 year old seeing pics of grown men in diapers and dressed like a baby. While I was a little weirded out by it all, my girlfriend was loving the idea of me being a baby. So I gave in to her and it started simple as me sucking my thumb and then onto being bottle fed and before I knew it, I was a total teen baby who wasn’t allowed to talk or walk and had to always keep my diaper exposed. Keep in mind during this time, my parents were away so my girlfriend and I had the house to ourselves. In an odd sort of way, doing that type of role playing made my wetting problem really fun to deal with and it boosted my self-esteem to the point where when my friends made fun of me I laughed with them and we all became friends again. Now the only problem was that I continued being a teen baby even after my parents got back and it was getting harder and harder to hide it because my mom kept finding my pacifiers and bottles and was always asking me about them and I hate having to lie, but there was just no easy way to tell my parents about me being a teen baby. Once day I just got fed up and up and told both my parents. They did NOT approve of it, but they didn’t tell me to stop. Just said not to do it when company was over. Another thing that was kind of odd was they didn’t allow me to wear just a diaper around the house, but yet I was allowed to wear just my boxers when I didn’t need diapers. So now lets fast forward to when I was 17. After muscle stimulant therapy and painful kegal exercises, I finally got my bladder control back during the day. I was still wetting in my sleep so I continued to wear diapers for that. I also still wore Goodnites during the day just for protection and yes I did wet them at times on purpose because I was lazy. Anyways, after about a week of waking up to a dry diaper, I stopped wearing them at night. I did have a couple mishaps, but eventually I was always waking up dry. We still tried to keep the teen baby life alive, but I became a dad when I was 16 and we had a real baby to care for. So 18 rolls along and even though I don’t need them anymore, I still wore diapers out of pure laziness. During my last meeting with my AB/DL friend he suggested I try wetting my pants on purpose. He said that it would help me rid the horrible memories of wetting on accident as a kid and turn it into something fun. Boy, was he ever right. After I did it I just stood there looking at myself in the mirror as I continued to drip and the wetness spread. I knew right then and there I was hooked! So here I am almost 21 and way more into wetting pants/shorts instead of diapers. I’m not a teen baby anymore obviously, but I consider myself as an adult child. My wife and I still roleplay every now and then when our son is on a playdate or with his grandparents. I mentioned I didn’t enjoy my childhood, but I sure wish I knew then what I know now and maybe I could have had fun with my accidents instead of thinking they were so horrible. Hope that pretty much covers everything. Feel free to ask questions if you want.

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  2. This blog is something I for one can understand completely. It highlights many parts of the fetish and at the same time websites such as this one do make it so clear that “you’re not alone”. Shortswettingboy also shows that people with this fetish are completely honest with themselves and even know and accept the early events in your life behind it all.
    All in all a valuable history, and I’d be well pleased to have Shortswettingboy as a close friend.
    Fredllfixit, England.

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