How my fetish started

It all started as child when i have peed my pants many times. I was first in a kindergarten and then at other and from there i rememember
my first happenings. One time one person told us a storie and i had to pee really bad. I walked around in the room in my grey collagepants which i remember wery well. I then at the end peed my pants. I don’t remember the pee scene but after it i remember thet i had given new pants and i had to change i mysel and i couldn’t do it that time because i was so little. I remember that my socks were wet. I remember on other time that i sat in peed pants in the bathroom floor at that kindergarten but i doesn’t remember how it happened.


I rememeber some times from home also. Not many because i have always peed in toilet at home, but in public it is very embarrassing to go. One thing that i remember is when i sat at floor in my room and my brother were at the toilet and i had to pee bad and i knocked the door many times and said that i need to go. Then when i sat at the floor and lose control. I peed at my pants at the floor. Then other thing i remember is when i had a dehydration. I was given some medicin that i will poop and i that time must poop in my diapers. I remember that i walked with poop diapers to my brother and he said that “Go away. You stink.” Then i had enjoyed it because when i was ok again so i remember an evening when i was in my brothers room with him and i had to poo so bad and i walked arount the house and …… teh i said something about it and then i pooped in my diaper in purpose. It was first and also only time when i did something like this at purpose. Nowadys i do it on purpose. I remeber thirth time when i pooped my pants. I Was at a amusement park with my dad and brother and when we were at the bus leaving home. My dad was a bus driver and it was my dads bus company trip. My brother was at toilet and me and dad were in the bus. My dad went to see if my brother is coming and i obiviously had to poop and pooped my pants at the bus seat. I had dungarees at that time on. I came out of bus and my dad took a picture of mee when i was on bus stairs. Then i started to cry that i pooped my pants. I don’t remember what happened then. It was an acident. I Was never a bedwetter that time or yes all kids pee their diaper sometime at sleeping and i did also it but i doesn’t remember it. My parents have told it to me. One time when i was at a camp with my family. I stood there with my brother when he was dressing. I had to pee but i didn’t say anything to no one. I just bounced my leg and so. My mom could see that i have to pee because i had peed my pants before that trip. She asked me that “do you have to pee” and i said “no”. At the end i peed my shorts. One time is at the same trip when we went to our cousins summer house after we left ours. I don’t remember the need to go but it is on a film. My brother filmed there and he filmed long time me and our cousins kid and then i told to my brother to “come with me”. It took long time because the other kid wanted to be filmed. But at least my brothe come with me. I climb up the houses stairs and at the terrace i say to my brother “Film this”. Then i look down at my legs and to the floor and i say that “Pee comes”. My brother says “Pee is coming”? I say “Yes”. Then the camera stops and in the other scene i have peed my pants and im sniffing to my mom that “It doesn’t matter”? My mum answer that “Yes it doesn’t matter”. “I tought you had diapers”. And my brother says at the background “Pee camed”. I have watched this many times again and again. Then it is years that i doesn’t remember any happenings.


Then when i started preschool i started to wet my bed. I was five years old then. I remember two times very well. On time is when the pee camed through teh bed to the floor and one time is when i slepd in my brothers bed with my brother. I peed in his bed next to him. And then in pre-school happened many wetting at the school. Before i started the first grade the bedwetting stopped also.


One time when i was in pre-school and we were out and i was shy to ask to go to toilet inside. It was allowed. I stood at my corner that i had and had to pee so bad. I squirmed and stepped and crossed my legs and hold my crotch and then i started walking because it helped. I walked in to the garage because walking helpedand Theb i came back and then i heard that it was time to go inside. I could not walk anymore without holding my crotch and then i stopped and pee ran down my leg in to my shoes. One time i was in kindergarten and i was at the corridor where the toilets is. I didn’t want to go toilet and i had to pee bad. I squirmed and stepped and crossed my legs and hold my crotch and then i started walking the corridor back and forth and pasted the bathrooms couple of times. There was also collums and i stopped behind a one because i couldn’t walk anymore and pee came out to my pants. This time i doesn’t remember it but one of the adults said that “Do you need to go to toilet”? She pointed my crotch. It was wet. One time we were taking food an i had to pee and poo. I walked with my legs tight and then when i got to the table i said that “i need to go pee”. I were allowed and when i walked to the toilet i peed my pants and then i sat to toilet seat and peed to end and popped also. I never wet the bed at the pre-school but one time when we were at napday i also sleeped. I had never before that sleep at nap. Then when we woke i saw that i had a wet spt at my mattress. No one knew it.


Then i started school seven years old. I peed my pants in school three times. In first grade i peed my pants because i was
so shy to ask. I was squirming when i played with my friends in the break and then in the class i finally asked but it was too late. I
raised my hand, but not very much. I grabbed my penis with other hand and bounced in my seat. Then the teacher noticed and i were allowed to go. I was walking holding legs tight and my hands in my crotch and infron of my all classmates i started to pee when i was walking. We lived near the school so my mum bring me new pants. One day i was near to pee my pants.  I was at first grade i had to pee really bad again during a class. It was a class where no one could notice if you go and pee. So i grabbed myself and went to the toilet and peed and also pooped. It was first itme when i pooped in school. All went good that time. In second gade my school day was over and my school had an afternoon club for those who came with bus to school. I wanted to play with my friends after school and went there sometimes. One time i had to pee really bad but i just not go home and not to the school bathroom. I held myself and it was really hurting, but to me it was hard to say to my friends that “wait, i go pee”. Then i went home when my friends leaved to their bus. I had just camed home and were taking my shoes of when i started to pee. I couldn’t hold my pee anymore. in second grade i had to go during the end of last class and i tought i could wait till te class is over and go before goin home. But then when the class was ower and i walked in to the toilet so just there right before toilet it all came out. No one seen it. I was too shy to go home so i waited till all had gone. Then last time in eight grade i peed my pants. It was winter and i was going to toilet at the end of the break i was out. I was in toilet and the door was broken. I tried to lock the door and suddenly the pee stared to ran out in my pants. It was the cold weather because i haven’t to go so bad. Then i finally got the door locked and i could stop the urine and let the end of the pee in the toilet. But after the second grade i didn’t pee my pants. I was embarrassed to use the toilet so i didn’ go to toilet anyway, but i had learnd to hold. I hadn’t to pee wery much. Little bit at end of the day and when i came home i went to pee always.


At sixth grade i started to play with peeing. It were many days i wanted to skip morning pee and go to school bursting and go whole day without peeing. But i was scared to do that. Then i just one time did it and it were really good. I did it many times and never happened nothing. I always watched others moves and thinked that does anyone of them have to pee just now. Especially i watched boys at same age in my class and other class. I watched their pants and thinked that it would be nice to see when some of them pee in their pants or held himself or i thinked that it would be grate to pee in those pants but not in those. When we were at camp school i saw my classmates peeing in the nature and in the toilet. If i heard someone talk about pee i wrote it down at home to my computer to Microsoft word. I do it also nowadays.


At home i helded myself and sometiems before going to shower i started to pee my pants. No one knew it in my family. No one knows it nowadys. I have to do all secret. I live at home now also. But now i have peed also outide. I have started to video myself at seventh grade. Whole high-school time i have done something with my pee sometimes. I am still at school. Nowadays in vocational school and i continue videoing. When my other computer starts to work again i post my videos here at this site. I set some of them To youtube sometime. But my channel has been delelted. I tell two stories now.


One day we was swimming at last year in vocational school. I didn’t go to toilet because i wanted to know how it feels to be bursting in pool. We will swim the whole day. It wasn’t wery long day. We get to the swimming hall and the urge to pee weren’t so bad so i went to swim. Then after a while it came back, but it was not bad. Then i didn’t wheel it, but after a while it came back and it was really bad. I couldn’t swim. I was embarrassed to go before we would stop swimming and all will go to shower. It weren’t wery long time to it and the time camed and it was really hard to walk because i was really in pain. But i get to the toilet and it was so big pain that it blurred my mind to a moment and i couldn’t take my speedos off and i was grabbing my crotch and jumping and a pee drop came to my pants and then i took them off and went to the urinal and peed. It was wery long stream, but it was relaxing. One day i had a School disco i wanted to know how it would be if i was holding my pee there and dancing. I had thinked that i hold also whole school day and till the disco begining at evening but when i came home from school i didn’t remember it and went pee what i did all times when i came home from school. But then i drinked water and soda and my need of pee was bad when i went to the disco. Then i drinked there sodas and juices and then i had not to pee but when it came back it was nice and i went behind the Coat rack and sit to a bench. I sit there and tried to pee a little bit in my pants but even i had to pee so bad it doesn’t start to come so easily. The pain was bad and came worse when i tried and i nearly started to crie. My eyes were wet. Then i relaxed and tried again. I did it couple of times and then couple drops came and then i didn’t continue because i didn’t want to pee my pants. I went finally in the toilet and peed. It was really relaxing. I Have done many things and those i can tell at some other day.

I have also filmed secret some peeing in public bathroom in other stall. Then i have also thinked some day when my brother will come and visit us and if he will go to pee i will film it secret and post it too. I have never seen my brother peeing.


I have collected also parts from tv series. Animations and other. The parts are something about pee. If i saw some part in television where someone holds or pees his pants or uses the toilet i recor it with picture and sound and only with sound also. I also wrote the sentence down in Microsot word.


I am a strange man. I have alwys pee sitting down in bathroom. I can stan up and pee but i doesn’t do it wery much. Sometimes.


I have also pictures about desperation and peeing.

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