how my constipation ended

I never get constipated. I usually poop twice a day with diarrhea occuring once or twice a week. But for the last two days I have been unable to go. Today my stomach hurt off and on all day, but no real gas or urge to go to the bathroom. Well, on the way home from work everything changed. I got diarrhea cramps and pressure telling me to find a toilet and fast! I had to hang on because my drive is about an hour, and I only had 10 minutes until I was home. I pulled into my drive with my guts churning and cramping so bad I felt sick. I parked and ran into my house, as I was going through the door the pressure forced a ton of gas out of me, and I remember thinking, ” I’m going to shit myself any second.” I made it to the bathroom, but it was too late. I felt it opening my ass, so I dropped my work pants just as an explosion happened. I mean it was so loud and forceful it shocked me. I felt it both bubble and spray all over my ass. After the wave ended I looked in the mirror to see my blue boxer briefs bulging in the back like a grapefruit was in them. I was relieved, but not finished. The cramps came back hard, and I just let the next wave explode out of me. This one was horrible, it leaked out of my shorts and dripped down my legs. I stepped into the tub and pushed out more diarrhea.  I thought I was done, so I turned on the shower  and took off my shorts. As I was washing up, I had another cramp. I was planning to hold it until I finished, but I was too desperate, and it came out all over the shower floor.


I’m resting now, but I can tell I will be rushing to the bathroom again soon!

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