how it all started

So thought I would share how it all started

First off im from Eastbourne on the south of the UK, im male and straight
My earliest memory of using my pants as toilet was in play group, I was simply too lazy to find the loo so just wet my pants next to the teacher. I had on and off accidents here there. I then found i quite enjoyed it. So one day when it was snowing I was out playing on the field because it was snowing (used to live near Northampton) I had a sudden urge to poo, instead of going home i kept playing. When the urge got to great I went home and just unloaded in my pants and felt amazing and the best of it was I didn’t get in to trouble.
After that nothing really happened. I was until we moved down to Eastbourne the fun started happening.
Having my own room was great and being in a town and not a village gave more freedom. I remember I used to go to the public loos and put loo roll down my pants and wet and mess them. When I had the home to myself I would mess my pants and wet them.
I remember having one accident. It was activities week and I choose to a week of activities at school, I was with my group and desperate for a pee I asked a few times to go but couldn’t because of building work. Anyway the others were working away doing other bits and I was trying to put something up but kept fidgeting and just couldn’t hold it and huge torrent off pee went on for a good minute. Surprisingly nobody said anything. After that I carried on as normal which felt amazing.
The next years I did stuff on and off when I could. Mainly in my room when the house was empty.
Then I had my first girlfriend (also when I lost my virginity) as I was her first is well was great because we could explore what each other liked. She had always wondered what I liked. I was always too scared to tell her. So one day I was building my bed and she was helping me and asked her does she want what I like. Off course she was thrilled. I made her promise not to tell her anyone and she did. So I sat on my floor and wet myself, I had never been so turned on. Anyway she seemed to enjoy which she did. However I took it step further I was desperate for a poo. So I changed my jeans stayed in my wet pants and put fresh jeans on. I was sitting her on her lap making out and discussing what happened she was touching my bum and unloaded in my pants. She didn’t really like that bit but she accepted I liked it.
End of Part 1

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