How it all started

I was about 14 when this fetish began. I was a freshman in high school and a stoner. For some reason smoking weed always gets me really horny.
Anyways I had smoked a blunt with some friends on this particular day and got on my bus to head home. I felt the urge to poop before I left but I thought I could hold it. I was sitting on the bus waiting for it to leave when the sexiest girl on my bus walked on. She had long crimson hair, a cute bubble butt and nice perky boobs. I had jerked off to the thought of her countless times, but today I was in for a special treat.
She walked down the aisle and sat in the seat about 2 rows in front of me. She turned to sit and I was met with the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Her purple thong with little green hearts hung out of the back of her jean shorts as she sat down. Her ass was sagged off the seat making for a perfect view of it from my perspective. This was a huge turn on for me as I love thong slips. I felt my dick slowly becoming harder as I stared at her sexy ass and thong. I imagined stroking my dick until I busted all over the place. Suddenly I felt another urge, the urge to poop.
The bus began moving and I got the strangest fantasy of pooping my pants. I had never done it before and for some reason it seemed realllllly hot to try. Of course I was embarrass at the thought of doing it around everyone but also weirdly turned on.
The bus drove on and my need to take a big poop was getting worse and worse. The entire time I had stared fixated at the girls lovely purple thong while sporting a throbbing erection. Eventually the need to poop became unbearable. I let ou a fart to try and relieve some pressure but got more than I bargained for. A loud wet nasty fart erupted into my pants leaving a small amount of wet poopy behind. I felt the warm spot in my pants as everyone on the bus turned to me in disgust. Purple thong girl turned and stared directly at me. I lost it by this point. I release my clenched butt and a big stinker slowly dropped into my pants. The rest of the students stared in horror/amazement as my poop gurgled and crackled before slouching in my jeans. I swear it became silent as everyone just watched as my pants slowly filled with shit. It smelled awful, and many students got up and moved up a couple rows up. I sat back after releasing my giant load and smashed the load around in my pants feeling embarrassed and excited. I was so high that I don’t think my mind could fully grasp what had just happened. The poopy mess was massive and the warm sensation was sooooo hot.
Eventually my stop came up and I got up. I walked with the massive stinky bulge in my pants all the way up to the front as other students gagged and snickered. I felt so embarrassed by the whole ordeal.
I walked with the massive dump in my pants squishing it with my hand the whole way. Eventually I got home to my empty house. My parents were both at work so I had plenty of time to play. I sat in the bathroom mashing and smooshing the poopy around for hours. I decided since I had already ruined my pants and briefs I might as well piss in them too. I let the liquid stream glow into my pants whic mixed with the poop making it more squishy and wet. I began stroking my dick with my right hand while my left mashed around the stinky pie in my pants. I thought of the mental image of purple thong girl and her sexy ass. Moments later I busted a huge nut which shot hot sticky cum all over the place. Best orgasm I ever had. I layed around in my filth for hours pooping a bit more and pissing myself several times. I squished the sloppy mess again and again as I stroked my cock shooting off another round of cum fountain. Ever since that day I have loved shitting my pants and probably always will.

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  1. That’s an awesome story and thanks.

    The first time I smoked weed was when I was about 17 or 18 during a camping trip with friends. The sensation of being high felt fantastic and also made me want to poo in my underwear. Although I had been doing it since I was 12 the desire to do it while I was high really confused me so I resisted for a while until it completely overwhelming me. We were camping on my friend’s parent’s new block of land that had no water or toilet facilities so the reasoning side of my brain knew it was a really crazy thing to do but the rest of my brain couldn’t resist.

    When I went to get fire wood and was out of sight of my friends I crouched down and began to do it in my underwear. I had done it lots of times before but being high added a whole new dimension to the experience. It was so overwhelming I spread the load up the front of my underwear by taking my pants off and sitting on a fallen down tree. When I got back to my friends I sat down wind of the fire which disguised the smell and everyone eventually went to bed.

    Waking up in the morning straight quickly bought me back to reality and it wasn’t long before my friend’s realized what I had done.

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