How I started

My interest started a while a back when i was about 12 and i some how managed to come across some videos on youtube wetting his underwear, when i saw it i began to have a weird sensation in my bladder and took interest in the videos and watched them over over again, wondering what it felt to do it at this age again but never had the balls to try in case i got caught. i then later came across videos of people messing themselves and i had the same sensation again but in my bowels. i continued to watch videos wondering what it felt like until i was about 15 and no one in the house so i thought it would be the perfect to time try one out, so i tried wetting myself first. I was nervous at first but when i just relaxed and let go it was such a great feeling the warm sensation of pee all over your crotch, watching my pee create a dark patch on my briefs it was so good. i then tired messing myself when no one was in and it was amazing, the feeling of the poo touching my briefs and then making them heavier and heavier until there was i giant bulge in the back of them. i then sat down in my mess which was the best idea, the warm feeling of the poo squishing against my balls and crack was so good it gave me a massive rock hard hardon and i wanked it off and it was the best wank i had in a long time. so now i found this site and i’m glad that there other people like me that can share their stories with me 🙂

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  1. I love your story and I am glad that you got the balls to do it,lol

  2. I first pooped my underpants when I was about 11 or 12 I feit very nasty and played with my little cock it felt verry good and have been doing it ever since

  3. i was about the same age and though didnt get many opportunities as a teen i took every one i got and even now still love pissing and pooing in my pants or a diaper

  4. It’s a great feeling to decide to let it all go in your pants. I’m glad you discovered it as we did, you will be able to have your own fun anytime you need to. It’s a wonderful thing.

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