How I started: True Story from SweetKitty

Meow! Hey babies, I’m new here. My name is Ari. It’s pronounced like “R-EE”. I got into this fetish thanks to something that happened a few years ago. I was taking care of my boyfriend and he was very sick. He took this medicine that made him drowsy. He was sleeping, with his body wrapped around me. He started making grunting/whimpering noises. I felt something warm on my butt, very warm. The warmth began to run down my legs. I got confused. I rolled over to see a dark spot spreading over the sheets, and his cotton pajama pants. I pulled down his pants to see his hose spraying warm piss all over his torso as it began to move up. I was extremely concerned at first. Waking him was impossible…but his stream kept going. I moved my finger over his pee hole, this made his pee spray all over my tshirt i wore as a bed dress. My nipples hardened under the wet fabric. I found myself becoming aroused because he was peeing on me. I pointed his now hard dick on me and let his streamed pour over my stomach, however as soon as I did. It stopped. I was so disappointed! I decided to lick the salty liquid off of his dick. I moved down to suck his balls. He grunted again. I waited for more piss excitedly, instead I was met with a bubbly fart. The warm stench filled my nose. Instead of being repulsed I found myself sniffing, inhaling the scent. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me, I just knew that he was relieving himself in the bed, and it was so wrong, that’s what made me love it more. Soon, he released another fart, I spread his ass with my hands, hesitating, the running my tongue over his tight hole, which opened up for me. I had no idea what he was about to do, until I felt something firm poke back against my tongue. I saw a large, thick poo spreading out of his hole, it fell away from his hole and laid under his ass. Soon, all of his functions were done. I was greeted by more snoring. I sat amazed at all that had happened, and incredibly horny. I hopped into the shower to wash his piss off of me, while playing roughly with my sensitive clit. 

The End, thanks for reading!
-SweetKitty <3

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  1. You’re the girl of my dreams! Haha I will marry you, you turned me on…so much. Great story and details! I wish you’d told how he reacted to his mess when he woke up…!! More, please!

  2. Thanks you guys ^_^
    He was confused and embarassed for a while. Then we tried it together doing it on purpose. Resulting in a lot of giggles, then very intense orgasms and we still do it sometimes til this day.

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