How I started pooping my panties

I was asked how I got started in pooping panties.
About 7 years ago my mother took me to a movie.It was one that we both wanted to see but about half way through it we both found that we were needing to poop.I was about to go to the rest room and asked mom to tell me what I missed,but she said that she needed to go too.She said we should try to hold it until after the film ended so we sat there and watched it,clenching our cheeks tight.That worked for a while but then mom gasped and said she had pooped her panties a little bit and said if I did it too not to worry.Then she stopped clenching her cheeks and let it fill her panties right beside me.I thought I would just let a little bit out to relieve the pressure,but it all came out and spread all over my bum as I had to ease up off my seat. I was so embarrassed at the time,but as I sat down again and felt it being pushed up my back and forward over my pussy I found that it felt quite nice.Later mom confessed that she had pooped her panties at school to get out of classes and still did it when I was at work.That was when I decided to try it again on my own and I really liked how it felt.
A year later Sally was working beside be on reception at the dental office and had been dumped by her boyfriend so she was feeling sad and depressed.I liked her so I invited her to dinner with me and mom,and knowing how we loved pooping our panties,i thought I would see if Sally liked it.We put liquid stool softener into the gravy for dinner and we all ate some,so after 3 hours when Sally was feeling a need to poop,she asked for a ride home as she was shy about using our bathroom.I gave her a ride but took the long way to her home and stopped to look at the view.She was getting really desperate so I arranged for the car not to start.She admitted she was needing to poop badly so I told her that I was too and we might have to do it in our panties.Then I started to let some out and told her to just relax and we would have an accident together.We both filled our panties well,so I drove her back to mom’s where mom washed our clothes and she stayed over that night sharing my bed.Now before that we had bot had boyfriends but after sharing a shower to get clean and helping each other wash then sleeping together hugging each other,we both decided that we must be bi at least.A week later she asked me if she would move in with us as she had really loved staying with me.We soon discovered that we were not bi,we were lesbian,and have been so happy since then.We love to go out together,all three and poop our pants then come home and have a real orgy together.

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  1. Wonderful. .. It is a real joy to have someone to share life and intimate times with …….thank you for sharing..

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