How I started part 4

Bill and me were having a good time drinking beer and telling stories, I had already pissed my diaper once as the effects of 6 -8 beers was taking its toll. Bill had wandered off and was talking to some blond kid that didn’t even look old enough to drink.

I went over to them and bill introduced us, I could smell poop right away  and that’s when bill told me that Tim ( the new kid) had shit his pants and wanted to come back to our room later to change.
I could see that bill and Tim were hitting it of really good and that this was going to be fun for all of us. About that time I pissed my pants again and I was afraid they might start leaking. Bill said he had pissed his twice and added a little brown in the back also we all ordered another beer and decided to play pool.
We were getting afraid of our diapers leaking or someone smelling our poopie butts plus we were getting hungry so we ordered a 12 pack of beer and pizza and decided to play one game of pool to see who had to change the other two when we got back to the room. Well bill won , I finished second and Tim was the loser, our pizza came and we headed back to the room.
So we got to the room ate pizza drank a couple of beers and bii said Tim should start with me as I was second. So I dropped my jeans, got up on the bed, and Tim untapped my diapers, they were both soaked with the inside one having a small load of poop also.
Tim got out the wipes, lifted my legs and began cleaning well as soon as he got to my balls I got hard and told him he had to finish with his mouth, he said he had never done this before but he’d try anything once. He did great,and I came instantly than he powdered me and diapered me and I was ready for bed. 
I opened another beer and got ready for the rest of the show.
Bill, already laying on the bed told Tim to come over. Bill told Tim to change him,when Tim took bills diaper off he couldn’t believe the size of the load.
But he finished cleaning him up with the blow job,baby powder, he was getting ready to diaper him but bii said not yet,that’s when bill undid Tim’s pants and found his big load of poop in his undies. Bill told me to come and take his undies and clean them, he  put a fresh diaper on the bed and told Tim to lie on it.
I went over the toilet and dumped most of the load out and flushed it than proceeded to rinse the undies out in the toilet.
I could here Tim moaning and I turned around just in time to see bill sink his dick into Tim’s shitty butt.
Bill fucked him for about ten minutes, by that time I had his undies rinsed out and bill told me to come over and diaper Tim.
I did as I was told, wiping him clean the poop and bills cum than he got hard so I did the blow job thing, powdered him and diapered him .
I than finished my beer and went to bed knowing I was dressed like a baby and was going to sleep like one too.
I woke up in the morning and my diaper was wet and cold but I had to pee so I let go and my diaper was soaked but nice and warm. I kind of dozed off again but awoke to someone on top of me. Bill had his diaper crotch in my face and he was sucking the piss out of mine. We both gave each other blow jobs and diapered each other and got dressed as we had a long way to Denver. I bet Tim was wandering what happened to him the night before when he woke up and we were gone.
Bill started driving and we were waiting at the first stop light and I could see his butt lift off the car seat and I could hear the crackling noises so I did the same and we were on the road again both enjoying a good solid load in our pants.
We were on the road for an hour or so and there was a kid with a sign Denver or bust .
Bill looked at me I said sure and we turned around to pick him up. That kid had no idea how his life was about to change

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