How I started part 3

Bill woke up from his nap and told me it was about time to stop for the night as we were over half way to Denver. We went about 20 miles and seen a sign for a holiday inn so bill decided that is where we’d stay. Right before we got there the was a Walmart so he told me to pull in. 

I parked and he said follow me we need to buy some supplies,so we went inside,  I was trying to hide my poopie pants by pulling my shirt down, I could see a noticible bulge in the seat of bills jeans.
I followed bill inside and we went to the adult diaper section, he first picked up some baby powder and some diaper cream,( I was getting pretty embarrassed) and than he started looking at the adult diapers.thats when a store employee asked if he could help . The worked looked to be about my age.
Bill told him that he could use some help , my boy here needs some diapers and I don’t know what size or type.  I wanted to find a hole to crawl in,as bill continued on. My boy here doesn’t pee his pants very often but has big poops in them all the time, so he needs something to hold it all in.
The worker said I’ll have to check,and he called for help to adult diapers. And older lady came over and bill explained the story to her again. ( by this time there was a small crowd gathering around and my face was red) 
The lady asked me to turn around and she pulled the back of my jeans back to check,seeing my big load of poop she told bill the diapers to get and we headed to the checkout.
Of course when we got to the checkout  there was people in front of us and two high school age boys behind us.  Bill laid all the supplies on the table and than proceeded to tell everyone how I  was diapered and pooped my pants and than he spanked me on the butt. The boys behind me were laughing and holding their noses and pointing.
We finally got out of there and bill was laughing at me thinking it was pretty funny I told him I didn’t think so but than he reminded me that he was giving me a ride all the way to Denver and I had agreed to play the game.
So we went to the holiday inn and checked in. Bill told me to lower my jeans diaper and undies which I did. I had never seen that big of a load of poop as was in my undies,than I laid on the bed and bill told me to lift my legs up and he started to clean my bottom with baby wipes that felt really good and when he got to my balls I was rock hard so he finished cleaning me and than sucked my dick and I came in an instant.
He than got the baby powder out and put it all over my butt and crotch, put two of the new diapers on and anew pair of undies and I was as good as new
 Than it was my turn bill dropped his clothes and he wasn’t nearly as messy although he still had a decent size load for being the third time he had shit his pants on the day. I did the same cleanup job for him including the blow job,diaper him, baby powdered the works and we decided it was time to go to the bar for a beer.
We got to the bar and they had a special called blender buster you paid ten dollars and could drink free untill you had to use the bathroom.  Bill and I looked at each other and smiled knowing we were both well diapered this was a no brainier. So we sit done and got ready for a long drunk night.    
Hope you enjoyed… More latter 

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