How I started part 2

  As I stated at the end of my 1st story I loved seeing Marilyn in her loaded corduroys and it wasn’t long after that that I started to fill my pants on purpose. I was so horny from seeing her that every night before I went to bed I would masturbate about what I had seen. I started to really want to see what it felt like so I decided to try it.

It was a Saturday morning. I was very horny and got ready to try my new fetish. I picked out my oldest faded lee jeans. I walked downstairs and went to the garage. I walked in and stood there. I was so nervous. I pushed a little then held back. I was thinking “could I really be ready to poop in my pants?” I pushed again and stopped. I said “are you nuts! your going to crap your pants if you don’t stop” That was the last time I stopped, I pushed and I felt the seat of my nylon underpants get damp and push out in the seat. It was a hard log and I let it go and it rolled up in the back of my pants. I had done it, I had pooped in my jeans, just like Marilyn.

I felt ashamed but very hot. I reached back and explored the damage in my jeans. I was so horny I could feel the dampness spreading as I lightly felt the lump in my jeans. It felt like I had an apple back there and I pressed it till I had a big orgasm. How embarrassed and ashamed I was after I creamed my panties. I had pooped my pants. I shit myself and I had an orgasm!. What a bad girl I felt like but what an orgasm I had.

I quickly disposed of the panties and my log, and I went back to my room. I took off the jeans and put my black sweat pants on. After I did that I put the back of my jeans to my nose and inhaled my stink. Again I had another orgasm from my actions. I was hooked!

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