How i started Part 2

¬†After my adventure with Marilyn, I had to see what it felt like for myself. I was so uneasy thinking of what I was going to do, that it took a good week to get up the courage. I also had to find a place where I wasn’t going to get caught. I decided that my garage would be the spot. I wanted to get out there early in the morning so I could be sure I wouldn’t get seen.

The next Saturday I woke up early. I hadn’t pooped since the day before so I was sure I had to go. I drank my usual coffee that always got me going. I felt the urge and went to my room to select a pair of pants. I decided on a pair of baggy lee jeans they were old so if I couldn’t get them clean it would be no loss. I admired my bottom in them, they looked so nice and they even looked like they were pooped if I stood a certain way.

I went to the garage a little nervous but confident I would try it. I stood there nervous and almost shaking as I began to push slowly. I felt the sensation and held back then pushed again this time I let it come out and what a feeling!!! I felt my nylon panties direct the semi hard log into the back of my jeans. I pushed until I completely loaded my lees. The lump was heavy and warm just like my idols. I cupped it and pressed it lightly against my ass. the smell was tremendous and I felt so ashamed that I just pooped in my pants.

The feeling of the weight in my jeans and the smell and the warmth in back as well as in front now got me so horny I jammed my had down the front of my jeans and brought myself to a tremendous orgasm.

I felt funny afterwards but I hadn’t had an orgasm like that ever before. What a pants pooper I thought to myself as I caressed the warm load in my jeans. I sniffed my hand and rubbed myself and had the second orgasm as hot as the first.

I loved my new fetish. I knew it would be hard to do with others, but I felt that if I met the right girl or guy it was a fetish I wanted to explore. So that morning after my shower I realized that I needed to explore it again soon

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