How I Started.

I like watching a younger guy take a dump. This story, which is true, is how it probably all began.

I grew up in the UK (now live in Canada) and when I was 7 years old, I went a Junior School about a mile from my home as the crow flies. The journey to school involved a 10 minutes or so walk to catch a bus which passed by the end of the street the school was on. My paternal grandmother lived about 3 minutes walk from the school, but didn’t offer to make me lunch. Instead, I travelled home and back to school at lunch time. I think the lunch break might have been 90 minutes.

A next door neighbour to my grandmother moved away and she offered to make Graham, the son, lunch as he went to the same school as me. My mother asked why I wasn’t offered lunch and so my grandmother obliged. I would be about 9 years old at the time and Graham would be a year or so younger than me.

We would have our lunch and then go out to play in the garden and yard until it was time to go back to school after lunch. The house was old and didn’t have an inside toilet. Instead, it had an outhouse at the end of the yard. I don’t know who started it, but maybe me. Graham was probably in the outhouse, taking a dump with the door open as there was no light there. I maybe came in and watched.

Eventually every lunch time we would go to the outhouse and watch each other shit as we hovered over the toilet. I seem to remember holding toilet paper across the seat for the turd to drop on. This went on until I changed school at age 11.

I think this is the root of my interest in watching a younger guy than myself take a shit. Luckily, there are some guys who let me watch. Maybe this is also why I enjoy rimming a cute guy. It is a case of worshipping a beautiful hole that I may never see in action. 😉

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  1. Nice story. I agree that the roots of our interests stem back to childhood incidents. Like you, I too love rimming and worshipping a younger guy’s hole. (as long as it’s clean…of course!!)

  2. This sounds so like me at that age (and older), and I am nearly the same age as you. I liked the woods where builders from a nearby building site would leave giant heaps of turds and used toilet paper (usually news papers).

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