How i started

Hi I wanted to write down my story on how I became interested in panty and pants pooping. I was 18 when I first got interested and it happened in a strange way. I lived near a woman that I always aspired to be she was pretty and carried herself well and I idolized her. I wanted to become her. I talked with her a lot and always admired her. Until one afternoon. She had come home from shopping it was early fall. she pulled her station wagon in and got out. she seemed nervous and walked quickly toward her house. She stopped all of a sudden. I saw her out of the corner of my eyes and waited to see what was up. All at once I saw the seat of her brown Docker shorts push out and a lump formed. I was shocked! I remember thinking to myself what the hell is that! and as she stood there kinda hunched forward the lump grew and a portion of soft poop fell from the leg of her shorts and landed on the ground near her! My jaw dropped! I thought to myself, did Marilyn just make a dump in her shorts? She sure did. I though I was going to get sick. I walked in my house and eventually the 40 year old woman I wanted to be like slowly and stiffly made her way into her house.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. that night before going to be I replayed the scene in my head and for some strange reason I felt myself getting well, damp. I ignored the feeling and fell asleep. When I woke I had a strange feeling there again. I had to bring myself to orgasm and the thoughts I had were well kind of gross it seemed at first. Thinking of Marilyn and the pile she did in her shorts and actually being closer to her hearing it and seeing it up close and inhaling the aroma. I had an orgasm and felt very weird about it.

The next few days I brought myself off about it more and more and after a few days I wanted to see that happen again. It was fall and it got colder and I saw Marilyn in the driveway and asked if she had anything she needed done around her house. she smiled and told me she was fine. I had to get closer to her so I asked every time for a week or so. One afternoon I saw her walking in slow and very tense looking. I thought maybe I would get another look but it was her back. she had thrown it out and was having difficulty walking. I walked over and asked if I could help and she let me help her in. she was in jeans and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the back of them hoping they would grow hehe. No luck but she did ask if I could come over the nest day and help her cause her back was out. I was excited and had some evil thoughts that night.

I got there fairly early Marilyn came out dressed in a brown sweater walking very stiff and hunched cause her back was tight and she was wearing a pair of loose fit brown corduroy pants with thin dark brown stripes and cuffs at the bottom. They looked good on her but they also would have been a pair of pants I would love to see full!. I helped her to her chair and did some chores she had a bell and when she rang it I went to her to get her something to drink or eat and yes to take her to the bathroom.

I went home at lunch and told her I would be back at 2 and made sure she was ok she took a nap.  I returned as I promised at 2 and I had an evil thought and I put it into action right away. I had taken some laxatives from our medicine chest. I was so worried I was going to get in trouble but I convinced myself to do it after Marilyn said she hadn’t felt well for days and when her back goes out she usually cant go to the bathroom regularly. I knew now it was the best shot I had at seeing her do it again. I brought the next coffee into her with 2 laxatives in it. And the nest with another. by 4 I heard her ringing the bell. I walked toward the room and then said “ill be right there Marilyn im going to use the bathroom” I heard her say ok but hurry. I took my sweet time and got there but she was really nervous.  I got her up and we walked toward the bathroom my laxatives had kicked in. She took about 10 steps and I heard the tell tale sound and she moaned as she passed a huge load in the back of her corduroys and I was right there!. she loaded em her face was red and her pants were filling with a soft load. I watched as the woman I wanted laid a big heavy dump in her pants and I couldn’t resist touching secretly they were warm and heavy feeling. I made sure to say how bad I felt and she insured me it was not my fault. I knew it was and from that day forward I have enjoyed seeing someone or seeing myself crap my pants!

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