How I started

One more story about bill, Greg, and myself and our adventures hitch hiking to Denver

We were just outside Denver and we decided to stop at a hotel and spend one last night together. Bill pulled into a Walmart and we all went inside for supplies as we were getting low on diapers. Bii gave Greg some money and took him over the adult diaper aisle, this was going to be Greg’s turn to get embarrassed, as I got to watch. It was kind of funny watching Greg try to walk with a full load in his pants.
Anyway Greg pushed the cart and bill loaded it up with diapers, baby oil, and powder. We got to the checkout and it was busy, Greg got behind a woman with two little boys, about 6-8 years old. Well she must of smelled Greg’s poopie butt cause she checked both boys to see if one of them had messed their pants. Well when she checked the older boy he must have messed because she gave him a little swat on the butt and told him just wait till she tells his dad. At least this kind of saved Greg’s embarrassment for the short term.
The cashier started ringing up our order and you could tell Greg just wanted to pay and get out of there, well bill told the worker that the diapers had been on sale and that she had rung them up wrong, so she had to call for a price check. Of course we had a line behind us by than and some guys behind Greg were giggling and talking about smelling poop and wandering who the diapers were for. Any way bill must have decided he had shamed Greg bad enough so he paid and we got out of there.
So we checked into the hotel and we all got cleaned up and got ready to go out for the night. Greg was hard to clean up as he had sit on that load for a long time. The poop was up to the top of his underwear in back and up around his cock and balls in front, he finally just took his undies and diaper off and jumped in the shower.
I cleaned bill up and powdered him  and diapered him then bill powdered and diapered Greg and me and we were ready for the bar.
We went down to the bar, found a table and ordered some beers.  We just sit around for a couple hours shooting the bull, drinking beer, and talking about our last two days adventures and how everything would change tomorrow with us all starting our new futures.
The band started playing and this gal came over and asked me to dance, well I was more than ready for some female company, the lasts couple days had been an experience, but I still perferred womenanyway we got out on the dance floor and she said her name was Debbie and that she had been watching the three of us for awhile. She told me she had something she wanted to tell all of us, so we got done with the dance and she came over and joined us.
We ordered another round and than Debbie told us that she was a maid and that our room was one she was to clean in the morning she also said she had noticed that we were all diapered and she didn’t care what kind of stuff we were into, as long as we didn’t leave a big mess.  Than she asked me to dance and we were gone.
I asked her how she knew and she said shed seen it all and could tell we were diapered right away. Than she came right out and asked me if I was gay, and I said god no, and she said that was great cause she had plans for me, and gave me a wink.
I told her I was interested but couldn’t afford another room and that bill and Greg would be sleeping together doing their thing. Debbie said that’s ok as long as you and I can be together she didn’t care. 
We go back to the room….. Next if you want to here about it.

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