How I started……

Bill and I were about to pickup another hitchhiker, we were both sitting on big poopie loads and I could see bill was getting hard just thinking about another guy to teach his fetish to.

Greg was the new kid and he was happy to see us, he said he’d been walking for two hours without anyone stopping. He said he was 18 and heading to Denver to find a job for the summer and than start college in the fall.
We got back on the road and in minuets Greg was fast asleep. Bill and I disgusted how we would break the news to him,we decided than since Greg and I were about the same age we would keep playing bill as the father role and I would inform greg of the rules and his role if he wanted a ride all the way.
Two hours had passed and Greg finally woke up,he apolized for sleeping but than started telling us more about himself and we all talked about things that were going on at the time, I told him that I was work in construction with my brother and that bill was going to Denver to start over after his wife left him.
About that time we came up to a rest area and I told bill to turn in, Greg said that sounded like a good idea as he had to pee.
We got inside and I stood right next to Greg at the urinal, I dropped me jeans on purpose, showing my poopie diaper. Greg glanced over and than looked back quickly like he hadn’t seen any thing.
That’s when I told him the deal, I told him how bill had got me started and how it was a free ride to denver, and I also told him once I got into it it was kind of fun
Than bill came over and dropped his pants showing his poopie diaper.
All of this caught Greg as a shock and he said he hadn’t had any accidents since grade school.
Bill brought out his bag of goodies taking a diaper out of the bag and handing it to Greg, telling him you can put it on and ride with us and play some games and have some fun or you can stay here, no hard feelings either way.
Well bill wasn’t speaking for both of us, as I was rock hard hoping Greg would say yes.
Well Greg took the diaper, putting it on over his undies, and said what the hell I like to experiment and I need the ride, let’s go.
I took over the wheel and bill took the back seat for a nap, it wasn’t long than I could see that Greg was going to play along as I could see him lift his butt off the seat and he was busy pushing out a load, I looked over when he was done and his face got red, I said don’t worry about it, well clean up later, for now just sit back and enjoy.
I asked him what the last time was that he shit his pants and he confessed it was only a month before when his two buddies were out drinking and were playing truth and dare. One of his buddies bet him 50 bucks that he wouldn’t poop his pants. He said that after he did it that he got a hardon, and his buddies were laughing at him for liking it, that’s when he told them to try it and they did. He said all three of them were pretty drunk, poopie and excited. He said they than stopped at a local lake stripped their clothes and went for a swim cleaned up, washed their undies, and beat off, so Greg said, when you guys offered me the ride deal it was a no-brainier as I already knew I was interested.
About this time bill woke up and said lets stop to eat. So they stopped at a truck stop and ordered some food to go. Bill said follow me, and we all went in the men’s room bill headed to the handicap stall and motioned Greg to follow him. Bill told Greg to take off his pants and diaper just leaving on his poopie pants and shirt. Bill said now take these baby wipes and clean me up, bill had a Hugh load as usual, Greg was about done cleaning bill up,when I heard bill say ok drop your undies and bend over and than I could hear bills dick going into Greg’s poopie butt.
When bill was done he told Greg to pull his undies back up and go out in the main men’s room and show everybody what a baby he was. Greg did as he was told, he came out,undies hanging down,and crying as all the guys in the room were laughing at him. Than I told greg to come back in the stall and I helped him get out of his undies and cleaned him up, licking his balls and dick clean as he came in my mouth. I got him dressed in clean undies and diaper and told him he had to rinse out his own undies.
Bill had picked up our food and was waiting for us.  We put Greg’s undies in the window to dry and bill said he had left his undies in the bathroom for everyone to see. Bill and Greg were both clean as could be,for now I was the only one still with poopie pants…. The last bar and motel night coming up we get the  maid involved………..

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