How I got started

This could be the final chapter hope you’ve enjoyed. So Debbie and me go back to the room and bill and Greg had gotten some beer and pizza so we joined them.

Back in the bar I had told Debbie much of what had happened the last two days, how bill was a pants pooper and how he had kind of taken the father role and started both Greg and me into trying it. She took the news pretty good and just said she believed in trying anything once.
I told bill and Greg that Debbie was staying with me for the night, everybody agreed that was fine. After a couple more beers  bill and Greg said they were going to get each other ready for bed, so we just watched as they undid each others diapers, they were both wet and messy than they cleaned each other and hopped into bed. Debbie and I could tell that they were going to finish the job under the blankets. That’s when Debbie turned to me and said your turn, as she started taking of my pants and than my diaper she cleaned my bottom and than baby oiled me up, of course I was rock hard by that time so she said stand up and I’ll take care of that.
So with me standing up my cock standing straight out, she went into a crouch, like a baseball catcher, and started what was to be the very best blow job of my young life!!!
Now I’ll tell you why it was the best, after about five minuets of sucking teasing and stroking I was about to explode when I heard Debbie grunt a little and heard the crackling sound and watched as Debbie filled her pink panties with a big solid load, then she went right back to sucking like nothing had happened, well it only took a few seconds for me to explode.
I had been so occupied I hadn’t even noticed bill and Greg watching, they were both beating off watching Debbie load her pants while giving me a blow.
Debbie said looks like you boys all enjoyed the show as much as I did, with that she asked if she could use one of our diapers, and she put it on over her loaded panties and told me lets go to bed.
She slept in that load all night and in the morning I cleaned her up and had the best sex of  my life. I just laid there pretty well spent and Debbie got up and said might as well start cleaning the room. Well she started by waking up Greg and bill, removing trier soiled diapers and cleaning them up, including giving both of them head. She put all the diapers and her panties in the garbage bag. We all got up showered and put regular cloths back on as our regular lives were ready to resume, all except bill that is, as he still diapered up.
I had called my brother and he was coming to pick  me up. Debbie had said her goodbyes after giving me her number, and we were waiting for my brother in the hotel lobby. I noticed that bill  had plenty of cologne on, so I  patted his butt and sure enough he had his morning dump in his pants.
My brother showed up and I introduced everybody. I told my brother how bill had given us both a ride and how Greg was looking for a summer job. My brother told Greg he could give him a job and that if he needed a place to stay he could stay with us. Greg said he’d give it a try. So we said goodby to bill, promising to get a hold of him at a later date, and got into my brothers car. 
My brother wanted to here all about our trip but all I said was you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. He said  he thought that bill was a nice guy for everything he did but that he thought bill smelled like he might have pooped his pants.
Well like I said this could be the last part to these stories.  Most of this story was true, some imagined, it’s up to you to decide
   More or not ??????

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  1. Please more 🙂 did you and Greg ever get up to any more fun while living together? Did your brother ever find out? Please write more.

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