How I got started

Sometime in 1972, my girlfriend and me were swimming at a secluded lake (or pond) in Penna. . We went off to the side of the road and fucked but neither of us took off our clothes. I pulled my swim trunks down only in front and she did the same with the bikini bottoms. Our ass remained covered just in case we saw a vehicle coming down the road we could get up real fast and no one would be the wiser. As she was on top of me and my dick was sliding up and down her pussy, I got an urge to poop. I told her I had to poop and she said “oh no, you’re not pulling your dick out until I get done. I replied, ” but I gotta go!” Well you’ll just have to shit your pants, I’m not letting you up until I’m done cumming! Well, the urge got more and more severe, so I let it out – just a little at first then more and more and finally all of it. Wow! It felt soooo good! I felt a feeling that never was achieved before and this caused me to immediately cum up her pussy. I have never felt so good like that before. Since then, I’ve done this several more times while fucking. I found it most enjoyable. She would let me pee up her pussy after I shot my cum up her then I’d allow her to pee all over me. I really enjoyed the nice warm pee going down over my dick and balls. Unfortunately,several months later, we split up and went our separate ways. But I continued pooping in my swim trunks, and masturbating as much as I could as time and location would permit. That was back in 1972 and since then I probably “filled my trunks and met my orgasm” about a thousand times or more. I’ve been with several other women and after I get to know them I bring up the subject of pants pooping and peeing but they all have a negative reaction to it. I just drop the subject and never bring it up again.
I just go to the lake, river, or pond by myself and poop in my swim trunks and jack-off and have a good time by myself. I still find the excitement and thrill of the poop in my trunks while reaching my orgasm. Someday I think I’ll find a nice girl that loves to pee and poop in her pants or swimsuit and we will find mutual harmony together. Maybe we can do it on each other. That could be fun too!

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  1. That sounds exciting!! I had a ‘wet games gf’ for a few years but we never got to poop but were liberal with pee and wet clothes. My favorite wet clothes always start with speedo style swimsuits then lycra shorts or bike style shorts. I often add a third layer of stretch jeans to enhance the wet viewing and feel! When I pee if I’m not wetting swim briefs in some fashion then I feel deprived or forced by circumstance towards boring normal!! I’m probably 70% wetting alone and 30% wetting with poop added. I wank in my suits as often as my body will accommodate!!!!!

  2. Hi fun2wet,
    I usually piss my trunks before I poop in them. Very seldom just pee them alone. I cant get off if I only piss in them. Doesn’t turn me on like a load of poop. I miss those good days of shitting my trunks while fucking her. I’ve been looking for a woman to take her place and to meet weekly or bi-weekly. I can’t seem to find anyone that wants to join me but I’m not giving up. I’ll just continue my lone adventure of shitting my pants and wanking off in them. there is nothing wrong with that either, but it would be nice to be fucking a pussy while me and her shit our pants. I could never get the g/f to shit in her pants but she didn’t mine me doing It. She used to piss all over my cock when I had her on top just after I came. Sometimes, she didn’t know I cummed up her pussy and then I’d immediately piss up her pussy. Of course all the pee ran out out her cunt and I still got a dick rinsing. Then she’d piss and I’d get a second dick/balls washing.. It felt sooooo good with a back end full load and my dick relaxing just after a cumming episode. I’d just lay there for 15 or 20 minutes (sometimes with her) enjoying the aftermath feeling totally satisfied!

  3. Not every one understands our fetish. You have to feel out a girl your with to see if she gets it. Some you know right away they mess themselves because they just go in their pants like a nervous habit. Others are like Yuck! it stinks your sick and goodbye they go!

  4. Yeh, you’re 100% right. Many of my other g/f thought I was crazy and needed professional help when I just hinted at the idea. I’d toss the subject up in the air and hear their reaction and if it was negative (always was) I’d just drop it and never bring the subject up again. And I never let it be known that I poop and pee my pants on a regular basis at least once a week. I’d love to find just one that was into pooping and peeing her pants so we could have mutual understanding, sex and enjoyment together. I’m still looking for her!

  5. you’ve cum to the right place. here I enjoy reading the fabulous stories, and have a great session pooping and masturbating. many people wont understand. I too was in that situation. unfortunately for me it was a 20 year relationship, we would do everything together. pee, poop and mutual masturbation. now that I am a widower, it’s so different finding a person that will get into my fetish. I started as an 8 year old boy pooping my pants after school, to a 54 year old man pooping himself at walmart. don’t be discouraged, you find the person you’re looking for. in the meantime happy pooping and keep the stories coming.. have a good poop !!

  6. Thanks Phil,
    They are all good. I have yet to have a bad pooping session. I enjoy each of them to the fullest. I’ve been pants pooping for about 50 years and started in 1966 with my younger g/f while fucking her by a lake. I had to poop and told her that, but she wouldn’t let me up (I was on the bottom). She said, “Oh no, your not pulling it out now, you’ll just have to shit in your pants”. (I had my swim trunks on and pulled them down in front to get my dick into her pussy and she pulled her bikini bottoms front . My ass was still covered with the ass end of my trunks). I let the shit out slowly and it seemed to be on automatic mode! It felt sooooo good . The poop just kept coming without any work from me. I think my pants filled half full on auto mode . I pushed just a little bit and the shit just kept filling my pants. It filled them all the way full. When I got done pooping, I was turned on immediately and shot my cum load without hardly any movement of my dick. It was one of the best loads I had shot up until that time. It just kept on cumming. Never had it last this long before.. I repeated this several other times while fucking her, and wanted her to join me. She thought I was crazy and insane. I could never get her to poop her panties. But at my age then ( late teens) , I got addicted to pooping my pants for sexual enjoyment. A true high I couldn’t match. Much better than any alcohol high I’d previously been on. Each one was magnificent and more enjoyable than the one before it. I must confess , even before I initially pooped my pants with her, I recall I had the urge beforehand and wanted to do it but for some reason never did. I probably would have pooped them sooner or later anyway . Glad she finally made me “break the ice”!

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