How i got into nappies (True Story)

it all started when i was young, my younger brother was having his nappy changed by my mum, she always gave me his dirty nappies for me to go and throw them in the bin, on one ocasion i got to the bin with the dirty nappy and curiosity set in of what it would be like to wear/use a nappy so i took it out into the garden and hid behind a conifer hedge, i opened the nappy up and decided to put it on, i ended up making a habit of doing this every time i was given a dirty nappy i would take it into the garden hide behind the hedge and put it on, and even do a wee in it i have no idea why i used to enjoy sitting in my younger brothers poop i can only imagine i must have felt jelous of my younger brother and from that point on i have been fascinated by nappies

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