How I got into diapers…

As a child, I used to have accidents often. I was actually in diapers until I became 4. Mostly poop accidents, but I had pee accidents once in awhile.
My liking for them started when I became 8. Basically I had to go poop REALLY bad, but I was too shy to ask the teacher for permission to use the bathroom. As you can guess… I messed my pants like 10 minutes later. 8 year old me was really embarrassed, and had red cheeks after it happened. But deep down inside… I absolutely loved the feeling! The warm, messy, and mushy feeling was great. The weight it put on your pants was great too. Luckily for me, I had a small class of only 6 people at the time and the school didn’t really know about it. They let me leave school early that day, and my mom came and picked me up. Ever since then, I have always wondered what diapers would feel like… I went to my Aunt’s house and saw a pack of diapers (there was a baby at her house). I thought to myself, “perfect”! And took a few diapers home. I planned to do it on a day I was home alone, when my parents were gone. Luckily for me, they were both not home today. I started drinking some coffee and eating LOTS of stuff (to make myself poop), and drank a lot of water (to make myself pee). The urge to both pee and poop came a little bit later. My stomach felt like it was going to burst, and I couldn’t stand still from the urge to pee. Upon putting the diapers on though, I noticed they didn’t fit all the way. My bottom was a little bit exposed lol. Silly me forgot to check the diaper before I used it! I just put on my panties over the diaper, I pooped and because I was so urgent to go pee, the pee came out by itself. It was so urgent that it all came out with a little push! However, I peed so hard that it leaked out of the diaper and got on the floor. Luckily it wasn’t carpet, so it could be cleaned up easily. It left a REALLY huge stain! And the poop I took was HUGE… It made my panties and my pants bulge like it had a grapefruit inside of it. I literally felt like I could eat an entire pizza after getting all of that out of my system! I cleaned up the pee stain while my diapers were full. I stayed in them for about an hour, I decided to change though, because the pee and poop were starting to feel less warm. I took a shower, and it took about 15 minutes to get all of it off me. When I became 11, I had my first experience with a REAL diaper. It was a cloth pull up. It fitted perfectly on me, and could stand about 3 wettings. Ever since then, I have had an addiction to diapers. The feeling of it is just SO unreal… Especially a poopy diaper. My mother knows that I like them because I told her, but anyone else in my family doesn’t. I hope you all enjoyed this really poopy story I have to share, and have a really poopy day! If you’d like to ask questions about something diaper related, feel free to, 🙂

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  1. Super awesome story!!! Same thing happened to me when I was 5. It was a hot summer day and I had to poop bad. I ran from my friends house to my grandmas house tried the door but it was looked. I banged on it to open and my grandma opened it up. I ran to the potty but as I was half way there I felt it sliding out my butt and into my undie. It was huge!!! But I remember liking the feeling of a huge load in my undies that I wanted to poop my pants more often. Then I remember thinking about diapers a lot at that age and wanted to try them and here I am now diapered and happy!!!!

  2. Eight year old having a diarrhea accident and in school makes me curious. I had one too at 8 in my sleep and awoke to a very messy bed and underpants! Story was fun to read.

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