how i got into diapers and my now baby life :)

so this is how i got myself into diapers… this is also a totally true story. some parts maybe a little faded but its because i cant quite remember.

so from 0 till aged 7 i wasnt potty trained which is a little later then most kids but i got there in the end and i was really happy about it but for some reason i started to wet the bed again when i was 12, i didnt know why but felt really embarressed about it. my mom took me to the doctors and they did several scans and said that i had a slightly weak bladder but it would strengthen over time.

my mum decided to put me back into pull ups when i went to sleep and she was really supportive of me which made me feel better about wearing them but as the more i wore them the more i loved waking up to feel my diaper all wet. this is where my love for diapers started and wanted to explore more.

when i was 14 and still wearing diapers to bed. by this time i had stopped wetting the bed by accident, i cannot remember when i exactly stopped but it was before i was 14. but i still kept wetting them either before or after i had slept but when i went to school i wanted to have day accidents so in the playground i would find a corner and lift up my skirt and pee into my panties. it felt good but i know it would feel so much better in diapers. i did this for a few weeks and my mom found my wet panties and asked me why did i wet them… i lied and said i did it by accident. somehow she believed me!

my mom said to me that i had better start wearing diapers to school, so the next term she came in with me and diapered me before school and then when we got to the head office she told my head teacher that i was back in diapers and that if the school nurse could change me when i was wet and that was okay. the school nurse was so nice to me and stocked up on loads of diapers.

i was wetting alot in school and found myself sometimes staying in my wet diapers for the whole day just to come home for my mom to change me. but nearly my 15th birthday come around and i started to search the web about peeing diapers and saw that alot of people liked it but they also liked pooping there diapers to… i had never thought about it but wanted to try it.

so the next day in school i had peed my diaper and then i needed to poop so i went in it… i dont think anyone really noticed apart from the odd seniors that stared a little but i didnt mind. i got home and when my mom was changing me she was shocked to find i pooped myself. she said im taking you back to the doctors!

i went back and they did the same scans and stuff then sent me to the waiting area as the doctor spoke to my mum. my mum came out and didnt look that happy with me, we drove home in silence then as i got in my mum said she needed to speak with me.

my mom said that she knew that i had no more bowel issues and must be doing this by purpose. i cried (looking for the sympathy) my mom didnt care though she shouted at me and said if i want to be a baby then she can treat me like one!

i never thought about being treated like a baby and just only like being in diapers but i was kinda open to the idea, i went on summer camp that year and still in diapers but didnt really poop in them just peed and then hid them from my friends.

i came home to find my room has changed! pink walls, butterflies painted on them as well. i saw a crib in the corner where my bed used to be and i saw a huge changing table and a large wardrobe. i was shocked. my mum came and stood behind me and asked if i liked it. of course i said no. she said “tough, this is how you are going to be living your life!” i cried as she put me on the changing table and took me out of my clothes and put me in this really thick diaper and then put some pink plastic pants over it. she said these are the diapers that i would be wearing to school, then she dressed me in a pink onsie, she said whilst in the house i had to crawl, not use the toilet, cry if i need anything, and do as mummy says.

i was kinda looking forward to it and the first couple of months i did hate it though since i had no freedom and i left school when i was 16. i like it more and more since it was nice but mum got in this baby sitter whilst she was at work and she was evil! (but i will tell you about her another time)

i have lived like this now since i was 15 and im now 18. my mom has given me more freedom as i got older like now she allows me out of the house to meet guys and lets me sometimes not wear diapers in public but still at home im a baby and im known as baby april to my family who come over. i get given baby toys at christmas and birthdays but i dont mind that. i still love being in diapers and being changed is awesome.

I hope everyone likes this and i will write more about the evil baby sitter another time but i thought i should share this now with you all 🙂

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