how i frist got into likeing diaper

well to begaine hi my name cody  an thuis is a true store about when stared like diapers.




chapter.1 how it all stared  


so when is was ten  my mom hade some diapers for my greadpow  so i thouth i welltry one sometime   couse i dint wont to git got  by my mom lets pouse for a menit you see i like see baby in diaper    that when i started have that feeling  when i thouth how it would feellike whereing diaper agine  so anay way back to the story  so i got my chanch when the house to myself  welli really fond them by ackodent but any way  took one out an it tomy room an an took my shorts an underwaer off  an put it on MAN  IT FELT SO GOOD !!!  that was a great feel betwen my legs  it like where briefs but better  so four week i did the same thing but dint try to pee or poop or any thing not then  but then my mom fold out  so but i dont what she did wheth the diaper  so that was end of that for now  mabe a mouth later i fuld youtube video on peaple peing pooping in diaper i really like walshing them do that  an babys an todller to so so  so four allthes years growing up that mt feawrat thing to to  an i still like doing that today




chamter 2 the conloson an ending  



well am 19 now and still love diaper just like then well all these year  well that way am lookingfor other diaper boys like me aroaad mt age to hag out with talk to  so any diaper boys wont to freindys send me reqest ogaine aroade my age please


well that the end of my story hope you like it see you later bye

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