how i found out my fetish

I was a teen at the time and I was on a day out with family so had a long car trip and as we are going along a quiet road I notice something out the corner of my eye…. A guy had pulled over to have a pee and suddenly I felt things I never had before my hands were sweating my crotch was rly tingly and wet I felt my face heat up and I just kept watching the guy pee until he finished and that’s how I found out it turned me on I’ve.liked it ever since 🙂

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  1. I Remember that I Was about 7 years old and were many times playing with my dad out at the school yard next to our house. I Remember also that we played hide and seek and I went to our bike cellar to hide and had to pee there and I Remember holding it and little bit stepping and something and thought what it would be like to pee in my pants there. I Was near to try it first times at purpose, but then my dad find me and I didn’t do it and we continued playing and i held my pee till we get in again and I Went to the toilet and peed.

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