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  1. I still carry my ups and downs about being into this, even though it is completely harmless. I totally accept and am open about them, I think one is likely to cause more distress and damage by keeping it in. Though I’ll admit I’m better at writing about this, more than speaking. I think there’s always going to be some feelings of shame, but you just kind of have to work on it at your own pace. You can recognize it is a part of you and where you go from there is up to you. It’s a private thing for me mostly – sometimes more of a fantasy. I’d like to play it out into reality, but I’m not in any kind of rush for that and if it doesn’t happen then it’s really not that big of a deal. But I can get carried away. I love these types of questions, I hope others give their input as well.

  2. Good question. I imagine that my road assuming and accepting my fetish is quite usual. First shame, thinking there was some wrong with me, that I should not get a turn-on from watching people shit. A huge feeling of guilt after watching scat porn and cumming to it. The feeling that nobody in the world had this anomaly and that it could prevent me from having healthy relationships, having to always hide it.

    Internet changed my mind, realising that I was not alone. It made me see myself less like a freak. Now I take it as another part of me. Of course I would like society were different and talking about something as natural like poop would be seen as normal as talking about our hobbies or problems at work. I know it is not going to happen sadly. Shit is one of the ultimate tabboos.

  3. First time I pooped my panties I felt so embarrassed,then later I realized that it had felt good.That made me try it again and I found that I got a lot of pleasure from it as well as a great orgasm.Now I love to poop in my panties every chance I get.I would find it very difficult to talk about it in person,but writing about it and chatting to others online about it makes it so easy to discuss it with others.Now I love to help others to take that first big step and poop their pants for the first time as I know they will love the feeling of warm soft poop spreading all over their butts.The great orgasm you get when you have pooped your pants is well worth the clean up after.

  4. Yeah for a long time I thought, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?! As I’ve got my fingers in my ass poking shit. Then I discovered tons of porn on it, a sense of relief that I’m far from alone! Only my ex knows that I’m this filthy in the bedroom, we dabbled a little, shame it had to end as I think she was coming round to it as she enjoyed me drinking her piss.
    I like to think of it now as that I have a broad and open mind to things, sometimes it’s frustrating as all I wanna do is watch a new girlfriend relieve herself but provided they like being rimmed, I still get my jolly’s haha!

  5. I am grateful top find sites like this because I have learned that my fetish is — well, if not normal at least part of a sub culture, which means I am not insane. Of course I would never want anyone in the general public to know what I do!

    But this place is a bit of a safe haven, and I have used the videos I see here as inspiration. I’m a pants pooper, but after seeing so many videos here of people who poor AND pee pants, I tried it and found it to be really really HOT!

    I knew a woman many years ago who was into shitting, and as I recall we talked about it on the phone a few times. Got me very horny, being able to share my poopy feelings.

  6. I am constantly stressed about my family finding out, I need to find my own place to live, I am stuck living in a bedroom with my brother, It is so tough to cover up everything and keep them from finding out, I have kept it from all of them for 4 years now It never gets easier and yeah I think it is quite strange of an addiction. But me I am completely normal besides that, I am 6ft tall, muscular, I smoke weed, I am into chicks, I am literally the last person you would expect to be obsessed with wearing diapers.

  7. I’m trying as ashamed of my fart fetish as I am about liking to see ppl poo and possible more experiment. Am private for sure!! But not with strangers i meet on line because it’s like .. they like it also. Ya kno ? Idk. Jus my little input. Sometimes i thibk i have the courage to tell a girl i I like farts .. and other times i don’t.

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