How can I convince him?

How an earth am I going to convince my fiancé of 3 years to make a sex tape with me? It has always been a fantasy of mine to get filmed when getting fucked or sucking cock!, my ex boyfriend used to film me all the time when I was sucking his cock and even riding him hard! It started when I was a teenager and since then the urge to be filmed in the act has grew and grew!, the naughtiest we’ve ever gotten with a camera is him taking pictures of my naked bum or pussy!!

I guess it would be something hot to playback so I have something to toy myself over!! (I own a silver vibrator!!)
I dunno, maybe I’m fighting a losing battle here!

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  1. Try sitting down with him and talking to him about it all. If being filmed is something you really like and he doesn’t know, let him know what you like. I’m not saying overwhelm him with everything, but talking to him about it would be a way to start out.

  2. Does the color of a vibrator really matter that much? LOL. Most close their eyes.

    Recordings are cool, but be careful with them. I’d consider encrypting the video files so family members don’t accidentally find them. Maybe if he knew the data was carefully managed, he’ll be cool with it. But if you haven’t asked yet, you are the only one you are waiting on.

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