Hot babysitter

When I was about 14 I had this really hot babysitter. She mainly watched my 6 year old younger brother.

Her name was Kelsey. She was 19 with black hair and pearly skin. B cup size boobs and a sexy ass.

She was so sexy to me and I had jerked off to the thought of her countless times.

One day she was over watching my brother. They were playing with toys as I was at the kitchen table doing my homework.

Kelsey then bent down to pick up one of my brothers toys. When she did, her turquoise thong stuck out from the back of her jeans.

It was so hot, and I couldn’t wait to jerk off. Just at that moment the urge to poop hit me.

I pushed and let out a hot wet shart into my jeans. I felt my briefs grow a wet warm spot.

Kelsey sat up and tucked her exposed thong back into her jeans. She then looked to me with disgust.
“Ewwww….” she said with a laugh.

I decided at that moment to go all out. I pushed and large stink turf fell into my pants. I leaned forward and the rest of the squishy poop loaded into my pants with a crackle.

Kelsey watched utterly disgusted as my pants filled with shit. I sat back and felt the stinky mess squish in my pants.

“Did you… did you just poop your pants?” She asked almost horrified. I nodded ashamed but with a smile on my face.

“Oh my god that is fucking disgusting.” Kelsey gagged as she grabbed me by the arm and led me to the bathroom.

She demanded I clean myself up. Before I did though, I sat and squished around in my stinky mess.

The poop had thoroughly filled my briefs, and the warm squishy sensation was amazing. The embarrassment of what happened was so hot to me.

I sat around, jerking off as I felt my loaded pants and thought of Kelsey’s sexy thong. Before long I came in my pants too.

Kelsey ended up telling my parents about the incident. Dad was especially pissed that I had soiled a good pair of pants.

I got grounded but Kelsey continued to babysit. I have more stories which I may share at some point.

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  1. Super hot story. Care to share any more?
    I’ve pooped myself in front of a girl once. We were both drunk.

  2. When I was about 12 or 13 I did it in my underwear after seeing my friends’ older sisters’ panties while we were exploring a cave at their farm. She insisted on going in front of me but that was a very good thing because there were quite a few places we had to crawn along. Every time we did I got a perfect view of her amazing purple panties. They fit her so perfectly it was like they had been made just for her and I wondering if they had. The best part of all was every time I got close behind her I could smell an incredible combination of pussy as ass and that was completely overwhelming.

    After we finished exploring and went back to the old shed on their farm all I could think about was what had just happened. The more I did the more the desire got to poop in my underwear, so I eventually found the opportunity to sneak away and do it. Before that time, I had always made sure there was an exit strategy but that time there wasn’t. There was no toilet or shower, I had no spare pants or underwear and the drive back to their house took at least 1 hour.

    When I went back and sat down the sensation felt so incredible I took every opportunity I could to sit down again. The more I did the more the firm load moved its way up the front and back of my underwear and no one seemed notice or smell me. As time went on the wonderful sensations began to subside and I began to consider the implications of what I had done. All I could do was sneak away and try to clean myself but one look in my underwear destroyed and hope of that

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