Hot babysitter part 2

My hot babysitter Kelsey was watching my brother and I at the park one day years ago. She was playing with him in the sandbox while I was sitting at the bench.

Kelsey was the type of girl who always seemed to wear low rise jeans which led to her underwear being exposed as she bent. That day her bright pink g-string was hanging out from the back of her pants.

I swear she did it on purpose, or just didn’t care because her underwear or bra was always sticking out.

So I sat there wearing cargo shorts and tighty whiteys. I stared at Kelsey’s exposed gstring and wanted to jerk off so bad.

I also hadn’t pooped for like 2 days, and suddenly felt the urge.

I began to grunt and squirm as I pushed. Slowly a big log began to push into my underwear.

I grunted and Kelsey suddenly looked back. She scoffed at me but then a small dirty smile crossed her lips before she turned away. She then bent further over, allowing her gstring to stick out further and also her ass cheeks.

I pushed more and felt log lump down into my underwear. It crackled and spurted and tented out. The smell of poop hit me then and Kelsey looked back. She looked annoyed

I pushed harder and lifted up off the bench allowing more room for the massive log. I grunted and a humongous log slowly pushed its way into my pants. Kelsey’s eyes grew wide as she watched me dump the load in my pants.

Finally I felt the last of it come out with a loud fart. I then sat back down, feeling the softball sized mess squish in my pants.

“Really again?” Kelsey asked angrily. Suddenly I recoiled embarrassed.

“Ugggh why do you do this?” She asked in a huff as she took my arm. The smell must’ve hit her then cuz a grimace formed on her face.

Kelsey then demanded I go home and change. I kind of wished she would spank me for being so naughty but no way in hell was I gonna ask that.

I walked back home embarrassed as other kids at the park watched me.

“That kid pooped his pants.”
“Eww it stinks!”
“So nasty.” Other kids jeered and held their noses as I passed. I was humiliated yet also really turned on.

I got home and took my shorts off and got into the shower still wearing my loaded whitey tighteys.

There was a large brown spot on my tan cargo shorts, but luckily the mess was contained in my undies.

I sat around and began to jerk off while squishing the massive wad off poop around. I thought of Kelsey’s sexy thong and how I had jus humiliated myself in front of her again.

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  1. When I was young getting horny was very confusing because it also came with the irresistible desire to poop in my pants. I also liked the humiliation of being found out and the ridicule that came with it after.

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