Squirming nervously, Jenni felt the sweat trickling down her back as the four armed men paced around the room watching. Four hours ago, a group of masked gunmen had stormed their high school, taking a large part of the school hostage. Arriving too late to help, the police held position around the school perimeter. Watching, like the rest of her classmates, Jenni waited for something to happen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what she wanted.
An hour ago, her filling bladder started sending signals to her brain. Now those signals were urgent, but she was too scared to ask for the bathroom. Noticing some of her friends were in the same position was some comfort, but that comfort was eroding quickly as her bladder reached bursting point. She hadn’t had an accident since she was in middle school. Her discomfort, and stress of the situation brought that memory flooding back into her mind.
She was the new kid in school then, and was too nervous to speak much. It was after lunch, and she needed to go to the bathroom desperately. But her fear of the new school kept her silent. She prayed that she would make it home, but a moment later the dam began to leak. She felt a tiny trickle into her panties, the wet sensation in her crotch not enough to force her to ask for the bathroom.
Looking down, she noticed the khaki shorts she was wearing were still dry, so she hoped that was enough. Then a stronger squirt made a small wet spot blossom on her crotch. From there the dam burst, flooding her panties, shorts, and chair. It was an embarrassing moment, and she wasn’t ready to relive it, no matter what the circumstances were.
One of the captors noticed her squirming and discomfort and approached her, “What’s wrong with you?”
“I have to go to the bathroom.”
The man in the mask looked around the room, “Any other girls need to use the bathroom?”
Several other girls nodded eagerly. The man conferred with the other captors in the room for a few minutes. They laughed quietly, then two of them came forward, “All girls who need the bathroom, line up at the door.”
Some of the guys began grumbling, “Quit your shit! You’ll get a chance!”
Leading the girls out, they went down the hall to the girls’ bathroom. Reaching the door, one of the captors held up a hand, “Three at a time.”
Jenni was fourth in line, so she’d have to wait a minute. She noticed that two more captors had shown up, looking like they had big smiles under their masks.
Standing so close to the bathroom was torture for Jenni, her bladder throbbing with intense pressure. She glanced at her friends in line next to her, Stacey and Kendra. Stacey was in her cheerleading out fit, her skirt bouncing up and down with the movement of Stacey’s nervous shuffling. Kendra was in a pair of tan Capri pants that hugged her legs and ass like a second skin, showing her high cut panty lines.
It seemed like forever when one of the men finally came out and motioned for them to enter. The three hobbled nervously towards the bathroom as a girl in line them started squirting in her pants. The guard just laughed at her as a dark stain spread across her crotch.
Inside the large bathroom, Jenni saw the other three girls huddled in a corner, moaning quietly. One of the terrorists motioned at them, “Listen up. You get to go one at a time, but the door stays open so we can keep an eye on you. You first cheerleader.”
Stacey walked nervously over to the stall that was open and began to take her bloomers and panties down, “Wait!” the guard shouted
He motioned for Stacey to come forward and pull her bloomers back up. Stacey was near the end of her rope, and she eyed the man in the mask fearfully, “Take you skirt off, now!”
Stacey was too desperate to argue, so she unzipped her cheerleading skirt and kicked it to the side, standing in front of the man in her bloomer briefs.
“ Now you can go”
Stacey started moving towards the stall eagerly
Stacey stopped cold and turned to look, her thighs quivering from the pressure in her bladder
“You do it right here”
Stacey stood in shock for a moment, then her desperate need for relief jolted her to action, her hands reaching for the waistband of her bloomers
“No, those stay up.” The man said tauntingly
“Please, no! Don’t do that.” Stacey pleaded
The captor just shook his head, “You’re wearing your toilet girl, so get to it,” lowering his gun at her, “Now.”
Jenni saw a small wet spot appear in Stacey’s crotch once the gun pointed at her. Then it began to grow as Jenni heard a hissing noise. Stacey squatted as a small stream started down her thigh. Jenni and Kendra watched in agony as most of Stacey’s bloomers tuned dark as the piss stain spread across them. Stacey cried softly as she pissed herself, a large puddle underneath her ass. The captor stood over her and laughed, “What’s the matter, did you piss your panties?”
Stacey stood, piss dripping from her soaked ass. Picking up her skirt, she walked over to where the other girls were standing. Kendra tensed as the man came to her, “Same drill girl. Use the toilet your wearing. Piss yourself like a little girl!”
“I, I can’t.” Kendra stammered
“So, you’re a little locked up. Let me see if I can help.”
Kendra just stood still, her desperation frozen over by her fright of what was happening. Jenni watched, her own desperation causing her to bob up and down, the smell of Stacey’s urine stimulating her in all he wrong ways.
“Unzip your pants!” the guard ordered
Kendra’s shaking hand grabbed hold of her zipper and pulled it down slowly, giving a glimpse of blue flowered panties inside. The guard unzipped his pants and put his dick inside Kendra’s pants, “Let’s see if I can help you out”
Kendra moaned as suddenly the guard started pissing in her pants. Her tan capri’s showed everything, as the guard’s urine ran down her leg and soaked the front of her pants. Kendra’s own urine began to flow after that, soaking her butt and the back of her pants.
Jenni watched all this in pain. Her need to relieve her bladder was hurting now, making her feel a little sick. Suddenly, she felt a jet of hot urine erupt into her cotton panties. It lasted for a second, making the wet spot on her crotch grow a little. Trying to regain control, she felt another squirt, then another. One of the guards noticed and motioned to his buddies, “Hey, this one’s losing it.”
Jenni writhed in agony as another guard came over to look at her. The one pissing in Kendra’s pants pulled out and zipped up, “Nice panties girl, too bad they’re all piss stained now.”
Kendra’s pants were soaked with piss, and you could see through them and her striped panties with a Jockey waistband. She was still shaking, hiding her face in her hands. Jenni got control of her squirts, but the crotch of her panties and pants was soaked.
“You can’t be finished girl, don’t stop the music.”
Jenni’s bladder was still very full, but with these men watching her, she couldn’t pee. She grunted as she tried to relax her muscles to pee, but they just wouldn’t respond. She could feel the eyes of her captors on her, and that just made it worse. The pressure was building up so bad, she began to feel sick.
“I think I’m going to be sick.” She moaned
“Oh, this’ll be good. Bring pissy pants over here.” One man said as he pointed at Kendra
Another guard pulled her over to stand in front of Jenni. Jenni felt her stomach convulsing, as her lunch began working it’s way back out. It was almost surreal, as a cascade of vomit spewed form her and drenched Kendra, little chunks of undigested food tangled in her hair. Kendra screamed in horror as Jenni barfed on her.
Jenni felt a hot, wet surge in her panties as her ladder let go. The yellow stain spread across the front of her pants, running down her legs and puddling in her shoes. Her panties were totally soaked, all the way to their waistband.
“Oh god, I’m losing control!” Kendra moaned as a loud fart erupted from her. Jenni watched as the back of Kendra’s pants began to bulge as she began dropping a load in them.
The guards laughed as the bulge grew to enormous size, Kendra’s pants stretching as best they could. The lead guard waved them off to the side with the rest of the girls in the bathroom as the next three victims came in. One girl had a growing wet spot in the crotch of her jeans. One girl had on a pair of back zip tan pants, and was bobbing up and down nervously.
“Hey, I gotta go.” One of the guards laughed
He walked behind the girl with the tan pants, unzipping hers and then his own. Jenni saw bright flowered panties under the tan pants. The guard put his dick in her pants and started pissing in the girl’s panties. She cried in terror as someone else’s urine soaked her.
Jenni watched in agony, the stench of her and other girls’ urine keeping her stomach upset. She wondered what would happen next, when their agony would be over, and if she could bleach the urine stains out of her white panties.

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