Hosed down Part 3

We entered his bedroom, naked, with 4 bottles of iced tea to be consumed and it was only a little after 8:30 pm.

His bed was stripped, a plastic sheet covered the bed and thick towels on top of that.

He handed me another bottle of tea, we both drink it down quick and just waited a few moments before the urge to piss again hit us.

He said “Lay down”, and I did.  He stood at the end of the bed, looking at me then aimed his cock upward.  What came out made my eyes open wide, a massive piss arc that had to rise 3 feet into the air before coming down on me, onto my face, then down my body, my prick, my balls getting hit hard with a liquid force and this guy was power pissing again, I spread my legs and bent them up, he drenched my landbridge and my puckered asshole.

He crawled on the bed and laid out next to me.  “What do you think?”  I told him this is one experience I’ll never forget, more than likely one I’ll never repeat.  He said the volumn of liquids we are drinking will keep us pissing for several hours.

He then again took charge, mounted me on top in a 69 position and put his cock in my mouth, then took my cock in his, he started to piss again and I let loose another flood, we drank each other direct from the tap, filling each other with more liquid to keep this pissing contest going.

After a few moments, we drank the last of the tea, and not long after the powerful urge came on.  I straddled his chest, mounted my prick on his chin and let loose again pissing all over his face, watching my liquid drench him then rubbed that wet juice all over his face and into his hair.

When I was done, he rolled me over and spread my legs pulling my cock and balls backwards, he mounted me placing his cock between my ass cheeks and I felt the piss from him flow running down soaking my ass, my balls and my cock.

This whole pissing experience lasted till after midnight, we showered together giving one last push of piss all over each other.  I spent the night and the next day my clothes were handed to me out of the dryer, freshly laundered. 

I thanked him, he said he had a great time.   We met up a few more times after that repeating the experience till his job moved him via a promotion to Virginia.

One gay man, one str8 man, no sex, just a night of piss, a night of primitive territory marking, a night of showers.

I look back on it and it was an experience I’ll never forget.  Now and then I think of it and wish I could repeat it, but I don’t think I could ever equal this on the same level again. 




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