Horseback Accident

There was this middle-aged woman (38 years of age) named Amber; she was a soft-spoken woman who grew up in a semi-rural part of Indiana, and she is a bisexual woman that’s single. Amber was a somewhat chubby and curvy woman, she a little baby fat gut as she often indulged in beer and good foods, thick thighs, wide hips, moderately large breast, and a very nice well rounded shaped ass that resembled the silhouette of a large heart on her backside. Amber was single but often would partake in one night stands with both men and women, she has no sexual preference but preferred to be the submissive one regardless of what sex she was interacting with at the time. Amber also owned a horse as she has always enjoyed horseback riding, she would often go on day long rides to indulge in her hobby. In addition to her lusciously sexy looks and lifestyle of multiple partners with no commitment, she also had a habit of dressing very provocatively. She would often use her choice of wardrobe as a means to attracting someone for her own sexual appetite, her wardrobe often focused on revealing the best parts of her curvy body.
One night, Amber decided to go out to a local bar to have a few drinks as she usually did on the weekends, she stayed out pretty late and indulged in quite a few beers that night. At approximately 3:00 am, she decided to call it a night and head back home to her miniature ranch style property she inherited from her father.
After getting home, Amber plopped down on her bed, she got a good night’s rest. Late that morning, Amber woke up and decided she wanted to go for a little horseback ride, feeling somewhat satisfied yet slutty from the events of the night before she went to sleep, she got out of the rest of her clothes and took a shower. After freshening up, she proceeded to pick out a comfortable outfit to go indulge in her hobby. She picked out a nice black silk ruffled sleeved crop top that exposed much of her double-D sized cleavage, along with it some transparent high waist leggings that fit her like a second skin. The leggings not only showed off her sexy legs and thighs but also exposed her ever sexually enticing butt. It allowed the creases in her ass cheeks to be exposed every time she walked, caved in slightly along with her ass crack all the way up to her mid back, and was transparent enough for anyone who stared long enough to see straight through them and have a nice view that differentiated her crevice from the cheeks of her buttocks. She also decided to go commando that day as she usually only likes to wear panties in bed or around the house but not under any type of garments. After donning these clothes, Amber put on some black thigh high boots which were her favorite, she thoroughly enjoyed the idea of looking a bit on the slutty side while conducting recreational activities. Now that she was completely dressed how she wanted to be, it was time for Amber to head out to the stable where she kept her horse; although a moment ago felt a sudden but temporary urge to use the bathroom, Amber blew it off as just a little gas considering her frequent flatulence is nothing unusual for her.
Now that she’s in the stall, Amber preps her horse for a nice ride, as she hops up onto the saddle, her beautifully plump ass gently slams down creating a distinct but brief ripple on her ass cheeks. She rides the horse out of the stall and follows a well-cleared trial perfectly suited for hiking and horseback riding. About an hour into her ride, Amber begins to the urge for a bowel movement return, only this time its intervals are feeling stronger and last longer each time a new one onsets. Eventually the urges causes Amber to get desperate, as she was at least an hour away from the comfort of her home, no nearby facilities where she could use the bathroom, and the fact there isn’t even a spot where she can discretely answer her call to nature all factored into her mind going into overdrive trying to figure out what she was going to do. Her only hope was that she could somehow hold it in until she got back home as she turned the horse around to head back in the direction in which she came. However, the urges were very strong, to the point she was slightly wiggling her cute plump ass around on the saddle as she makes frantic attempts to squeeze her cheeks together. Eventually, the urges start to become too much for her to handles, as she begins to involuntarily subdue to the powerful bodily impulse, her ass begins to tremble a little while she simultaneously whimpers, she lifts it up slightly off of the saddle and a large turd naturally slides out creating a nice bulge into her leggings while producing a moderately loud crackling noise with a short burst of gas release. The large pushes her leggings out while it also slides down the crack of her ass towards her crotch. At this point, Amber realizes there’s nothing left she can do other than simply let out the rest of what her body needs to expel, the shit that fills her sexy leggings is accompanied with a loud obnoxious smell that’s largely attributed by the beers she’d consumed the night prior. The feces in her pants are highly visible because of the transparency of her leggings, and a strong sense of embarrassment haunts her emotions despite no one else is around at the moment to witness this disastrous experience. Strangely enough, this experience has her feeling some sense of juvenile delinquency any shred of discipline she felt she ever had left her body. Eventually, Amber’s body also grows weary from leaving her ass lifted up off the saddle, and she plops down as if she had no regard of the consequential events that are to follow. As soon as her buttocks seat itself onto the saddle, all the semi warm poop which begins to cool off from the air temperature spreads from the weight of her body, some of it protruding to her crotch. Despite the discomfort she’s feeling, Amber also feels some strange sense of pleasure from this feeling. In addition to the soft mushy sensation, she can’t help but be enticed by the naughty feelings accompanied with someone having an accident like this. As she continues to ride down the trail towards her home, Amber crosses paths with other riders who happen to be male, she notices the lustful look these men have on their faces as they approach her, they give her polite greeting as they cross by one another. As she continues to ride in her direct, she can feel the men looking back at her as a means to get a view of her ass, sure enough she was right as the men do exactly that, noticing the mess on her backside but decided to say anything to her as they feel she may be embarrassed enough as it is. The men assumed correctly, as Amber knew for a fact those men noticed the huge brown discoloration on the backside of her leggings, and her ass noticeably shifts around on the saddle due to the semi-soft and slippery texture of the poop that filled her pants.
When Amber finally gets home, she hastily secures the horse back in his stable, however as it turns out, she’s not a big hurry to clean herself up. Instead, she places an old towel onto a chair, sits down, slides her hand down into the front of her tight leggings, and proceeds to masturbate. Eventually, Amber has one of the best orgasms she’s ever had from masturbating, the mixed feelings of embarrassment and naughtiness, allows for a heightened sensation of her vagina, it results in her squirting on herself in her pants creating another wet spot on her crotch which leaks down towards her backside mixing up with the feces that filled her sexy leggings. After she finishes her moment of extreme pleasure, she finally decides to undress and clean herself up in the shower.

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  1. This is a fantasy story, it does not portray or represent any real life event to my personal knowledge.

  2. Great story.Yes us girls get he most amazing orgasm when we masturbate in poop filled panties.I love the feeling as soft warm poop slides over my pussy and make it tingle,so it only takes a few strokes and rubs to make me explode with pleasure and squirt in my panties.

  3. Glad every enjoyed! I will be posting more in the near future. I am a writer by hobby that specializes in pants pooping fetishes!

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