I call this “homecoming” , because this is about my first time back in diapers since being toilet trained as an infant. Every New Years Eve, we have a neighborhood party, costumes only. The host or hostess draws a name from a hat, and that person gets diapered and has to play the role of “baby new year” all evening. At one party a couple years ago my name got drawn. After she diapered me, I began socializing with the rest of the crowd, and enjoying the diaper and all the attention I was getting. After about 1/2 hour, the hostess spotted me standing in the hallway and asked me what I was doing. I said that I was waiting my turn to go to the bathroom and that I had to pee quite a lot. She told me to forget the bathroom and get back with the crowd and let her teach me what a diaper is for. She put a big plastic baggie on the sofa, laid an old towel on it (in case of leaks). She told me to lay on my back on the sofa. When I got there, she gave me a warm bottle of formula. That warm formula entering my tummy relaxed me so much that I began peeing. It just started coming out without me even thinking about it, because I was so distracted enjoying the feeling of the warm rubber nipple in my mouth which became coated with saliva and warm slippery formula. I crossed my legs so as to keep the pee in the front of my diaper where I wanted to enjoy it. The crowd began cheering as my diaper was starting to turn bright yellow. So incredible, the feeling of the warm pee puddling on my tummy and filling my belly button. The warm pee on the outside and the warm formula on the inside totally pampered my tummy. Maybe that’s why they call them Pampers? LOL. Pure Heaven. By that time all my “guy parts” were totally submerged in warm pee. Mere words can’t describe how great that felt. As I continued peeing, my diaper front became full, and pee started running down the side of my diaper. So I had to spread my legs and let the pee out of its little prison. When the warm pee started tickling my crotch and then my butt crack and finally my butt hole, that’s when I started to grow a bone. The hostess noticed this and encouraged me to pleasure myself. Well, my bone got really big really fast, and I found myself totally losing it and exploding multiple times and filling my diaper with hot cum. Raucous laughter filled the room. Oh what a feeling! words just can’t describe it. Call me a hearse, I thought I died and went to Heaven! I spent the rest of the evening rolling around in that soggy diaper full of pee and slippery cum. After that evening, I wondered to myself: Why did I wait so long for my homecoming? I became a diaper lover from that day forward. The absolute best way to start out the new year. So why am I telling about my new years eve in the middle of august? Because I’m new here and this is my first post.

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