Home From Work

It had been a long hot day in the office – a real scorcher. Now I was at home , stood on my balcony overlooking the gardens and the flats opposite. My briefs were sticking to me and sweat was trickling down inside my legs.. My friend Mark was on the balcony opposite and we waved and he indicated he would come on over for a drink. I was glad and it was just what I needed and was ready for.

I let go a much needed pee into my pants and grey trousers. It felt to hot – like it had been boiling for hours before release but I suppose it had. I let Mark in and was pleased to see he was clutching a bottle of red. He grinned at my wet work trousers and piss began to bubble through the front of his blue cord shorts. It dripped off the legs of his shorts and puddled on the tiled floor. We went to the balcony and as we stood there we fondled one another through our wet trousers.

Back in the kitchen I placed him over the counter and told him to drop his shorts whilst I went and found my plimsoll. I returned to see him bent over the work surface in his wet white Jockeys. There was a skid mark to die for running up the back and I leaned towards it and sniffed its richness. He farted for me, a long rich fart and I knew beyond doubt we would end up with messed pants. His blue gingham shirt was tucked into them and he looked really cute.

I slapped his bum with the slipper and he groaned and said thank you. Then I gave him six firm whacks and stroked his bottom. I sniffed his briefs again and he farted again. I pushed my face fully into his briefs and enjoyed the smell of dirty bottom and the feel of his pants wet in my face.

We swapped places. I knew my briefs were dirty with piss and poop stains. My shirt was a s well. He pulled my shirt up out of my briefs and stuck his face in my bum as he pulled my pants down at the back. His tongue worked in my bum. I was in Heaven.

To be continued.

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