Home alone:)

This is my first story.  I will start off by saying i am still a vigin and i live with my parents so doing stuf is hard, today at college i started to need a shit so i held on to it, once i got home the need for a shit went away. after i while my dad said he was going out at 3.30, i then needed the shit again but very badly so i held on till he left, i almost shit my self twice as i had diarreia and it WANTED to come out. the dirtest thing i have done so far was shit on some tisse paper on the floor, but for a long time for some reason i want to shit in a jar, no idea way lol. I went and found a jar in the reycle bin, got a small mirror and went into the bathroom. i put a towl and some tisse paper down and put the jar there, I also put the mirror in front of me so i could get my asshole in the jar and not get shit everywere.. I let go and the shit came out like paste into the jar, at first it was a guss but i then had to push the rest out. Once i was done i switched to the toliet and a few mins later a surge of shit came out from no where. after i wiped my self i got to the task of cleaning up. i pick up the jar and the smell was so nasty it made me almost puke, I emptied it into the toliet and clean it out. Its nice to have the house to yourself:).

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  1. Fun being naughty isn’t it. Almost had a serious accident in your parents home, what would they think if they caught you in the act?

  2. Hey that’s great – hope you get more opportunity to have fun and enjoy your fantasies.

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