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i learned many things over this spring break. First, I can’t go a week without a wetting. Second, I actually is possible to orgasm while driving and keep the car under control. Third, I can have an orgasm on Thurs, Fri and Sat and still be turned on.

So anyway, yesterday I hiked, today I drove back home for 10 hours.  I had a 2 liter bottle that I was drinking from throughout the day.  I didn’t stop for the bathroom all day.  By evening I was slow-leaking and keeping a saucer sized wet spot on my pants.  My but stayed dry the whole time!.

As I was driving that night.  I was really having to grab myself more often because I didn’t want to soak the seat.  That would be too hard to clean.  Out of nowhere, I had an orgasm.  It was rather weak, but still caught me off guard.  I was able to maintain control of the vehicle much more so than I was for anything in my pants.

After that happened, I was fine for about half an hour when I started leaking and I couldn’t stop.  I pulled over on a dirt road, got out of the car and while on my knees , I peed my pants.  The pee pudded in my pants without running out so it went over my shoes anyway when I stood up.

I laid a pair of shorts on the seat and drove the last 30 minutes home.  Since I had the heater blowing on me, my one leg was mostly dry when I parked.

How about tonight?  Can I do 4 orgies in 4 days?  Stick me with familiy for a few days to force me into celibacy and I become Mr. Hyde in just half a week.  I need to return to the more sexually subdued Dr. Jeckyl so I can get back to work.

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  1. I used to keep a beach towel in my trunk all the time so when I got the urge to piss while driving I could just sit on the towel and soak myself behind the wheel.

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