Home After The Funeral

Howard got back to the old family farm after dropping Meg at her house. He was surprised to see lights still on in the barn so after parking he wandered over to turn them off but instead was surprised to see his new boy Josh just finishing and cleaning up after milking the small herd of cows. He was squatting down by the final cow and his jeans were sagged and his white underpants were well displayed his thick flannel shirt tucked into them. Howard was always turned on by underpants, always had been by seeing his mates in the changing room, the styles, makes, colours, skid marks. Josh was good looking whatever he wore, however farm dirty it was , his blue eyes, slim figure beautiful bottom and mop of light brown hair.

Howard grinned and his cock tried to break through the fly of his trousers. Josh, the lovely Josh, had wet himself, quite recently by the look of it. The wet stain had soaked right up to the waistband of his jeans and underpants. As yet Josh was unaware of him standing there so Howard walked quietly up behind him and tousled his mop of hair. Josh leapt to his feet, turning around and looking with shock at Howard who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Howard was bright red and reacted to the shock by holding his dick through his wet jeans. Then he saw Howard’s stained grey trousers.

“Was the funeral alright Boss”, Josh asked.

“Yes and thanks for asking Josh it went well. Lets finish here and go back to the house. Have you eaten yet?”

They tidied up and walked back over the yard. As they went into the kitchen Howard patted Josh on his wet bottom and as he filled the kettle asked him why he had wet himself.

“I just left it too late and I was so desperate I let go. I could not really abandon the cows. You are not too cross with me are you.”

“Why should I be cross with you when I wet my pants coming past Ogwen? Anyway I don’t imagine it’s your first time is it? Be honest Josh.”

Josh had returned to bright red and and stuttered, “no Boss, not the first time. Don’t be cross with me though because when I need to go I need to go.”

“Don’t worry Josh. I have similar problems as well which makes me a good guy to work for!”

Saying that he pulled Josh toward him, slid his hands down between his undies and trousers and squeezed his bottom. Josh groaned with delight and allowed Howard to kiss him.

“Are you gay Josh”, he asked as their tongues curled around one another.

“I was never sure until now”, he gasped managing to get his hands between them and feel Howard through his trousers, lowering his zip and rubbing, for the very first time, another mans dick. The effect on Howard was stunning. He pulled back slightly from Josh, and, his face lit up with a stupid grin shot his load, squirting it through his underpants and into Josh’s hands. Josh waited for the final spurt and took the contents of Howard’s orgasm into his mouth, offering Howard the left overs.

They sat together and ate a fry up and drank mugs of tea and laughed together swapping wetting experiences together each leaving puddles under their chairs on the flagstone floor.

That night in Howard’s bed together Josh dropped off to sleep quickly and Howard wondered what was going to happen between his sister and her boss. He knew she was going into work in the morning and he suspected her boss might well have been eaten alive by lunch. He would need to ring her the following night and see if he was right.

In the meantime he had Josh to deal with,

“I wonder if he wets the bed “,he thought as he snuggled closer into him and then an afterthought, I wonder if he shits his pants?

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