Holiday wetting

Omg, I can’t believe that I’m set on the balcony icy apartment next to my partner and I’ve just totally wet my pants. Ok, here’s how it happened……we have had a fab night out in town, but for the first time, we have drunk so many gins that we are both feeling very drink. Thankfully for me I can generally drink more than my partner, so when we made it back, we decided to sit on the balcony in the fresh cool night air drinking water in the hope we would sober up a little. After about 30 minutes my partner fell asleep in the chair, and I saw this as an opportunity, so needing to pee I decided to let a little out into my white boxer briefs, but I soon realised I needed to pee more and so totally flooded my pants. I’ve now been sat in wet pants for about 30 minutes and my partner has just woken up oblivious to the fact that I have jus pissed my pants. He’s gone off to bed now, and I think I’ll do the same and sleep int wet pants. Good night all xx

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