Accident At Walmart

Although it’s a rare occurrence, I enjoy the experience of an unintentional accident — which occurred pretty recently.

I have been quite busy with work, university and more, and found myself having avoided the bathroom for nearly three days.

The morning in question, I woke up, did my regular morning pee and went about my business.

I had class, a short shift and shopping – I managed to make it through my class without incident, but by the time I was getting to work I sensed quite a bit of gas brewing. I attempted to use the bathroom, but it was to no use.

It wasn’t till I was leaving my shift, that I let out a particularly bad fart that left me quite nervous. I ignored my clear bodily warnings and walked to the Walmart a few blocks down from my work.

I was farting, profusely — soft, farts that signified a potentially soft poop. My stomach gurgled, and stopped at the Walmart entrance to let out a series of wet feeling farts. I was feeling a bit better, but I suppose it was my fault for assuming something bigger wants brewing.

I wandered the Walmart, gathering the items needed when the urge to fart hit yet again. There was only one other older (35-40ish) year old man in the ilse, intently focused on the steering wheel covers.

I pushed, gently, hopefully the fart would come out soft like the others. But instead I was met with a thick bubbling noise, and I froze as warm mushy poop pushed out of my bum and touched my panties. It was to late, by the time I attempted to clench the mess was quickly sliding out of me and filling my underwear. I let out a gentle moan, unable to stop as mush bugled out my grey leggings. My face was burning, I was embarrassing but it felt so good to finally let out.

I quickly made my way from the ilse, and to the bathroom, which was empty. I decided I might as well complete my mess, and squatted down, gently pushing. I grunted, as a long wet fart bubbled from me, followed by the last of the thick mush.

I spent a couple minutes admiring the bugle in the mirror, before attempting to clean myself up, trying a sweater around my waist and getting home (after completing my shopping).

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