Holding Contest After Work

I worked at a Ponderosa restaurant when I was young as one of the girls that took food out to the buffet. It was fun a lot of party people to hang out with and used to come to my apartment. My friend Lisa and I used to laugh about peeing in our pantyhose and black skirts and those restaurant shoes they made us where. One night we were closing and we usually got something to drink and hung out at my place so we got this idea to hold our pee and when we got out see how long we could hold it.. We even got this younger girl to go along which was awesome she was so shy and we were freaks. Still had some time left but people lingered at the tables and we had a couple big cups of soda and we were making some faces at each other and trying not to be obvious to the manager that we were getting pretty desperate. Finally we closed up and we finished but I was rubbing my nylon legs together pretty fast by now. Every so often one of us would have to stop and bend over to really hold on before continuing, it was pretty funny.
But we made it out and the three of us got in our cars and headed to my apartment I thought we were all going to lose it in the parking lot. Lisa and I were giggling and doing a major pee pee dance but our younger friend Valerie was playing it cool although her eyes were so big like bugged out really showed how difficult this was. So pop open some vodka and the three of us now sitting in my living room squirming and fidgeting like crazy. I swear like crazy when I have to go to the bathroom really bad otherwise I keep it clean. When we can’t hold it we were going to stand in the kitchen and take our shoes off until we had an accident. It didn’t take long I got up and stood over there and I am in full dance bending over desperate to pee and Lisa is laughing at me so hard by now she stands out in the kitchen because she thinks she is about to lose it. Valerie is huddled over sitting on the couch staring straight ahead and not saying a word but it is pretty bad for her to. All three of us in our food smelly work clothes, white collar shirts, black knee length skirt and tan pantyhose. So me and Lisa also forgot to take our shoes off and I just can’t hold on I try to let some go but it keeps coming down my legs and the back of skirt, filling my shoes. I stopped for a few seconds then bent over and a whole bunch more came down, soaking my nylons. I loved it though, such a relief not to have to go anymore. Lisa is laughing out loud and last a few more minutes she is covering her mouth and trying not to look at me so she doesn’t do the same thing. But inevitably she stands straight with one foot in front of the other and it was a bad waterfall which seem to go on forever. I had towels on the floor by the way. I still don’t know why we peed in our shoes I guess they were gross work shoes anyway tied up black so unflattering with skirt. But Valerie is frozen on the couch and her teeth are even chattering a little. Crazy. She thought that she was the winner of the holding contest and that she could now use the bathroom. Well we had to explain to her that nobody wins in a holding contest and we took her by the hand and she walked to the kitchen so funny the smallest steps ever and those first trickles started coming down her pantyhose and she tried to go just a little and stop but it just keeps going and so there we were laughing and the three of us in my kitchen just soaked from the waste down. We got pretty drunk after that but we never ended up doing something like that again. I did a load of towels in the laundry the next day. All three of us still wore the same shoes that we had pissed in to work anyways. I wish I was 20 again…

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